New Pitbull accessories from Big Dog

Customize with Drop Solo Seat and Drag Bars

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jul. 08, 2008
Big Dog Motorcycles LLC of Wichita, Kans. has expanded its line of accessories with a new Drop Solo Seat and Drag Bars for its 2008 Pitbull.

The new Drop Solo Seat lowers the seat height of the motorcycle 2.5 inches to just 23 inches, while the Drag Bars extend the riders reach by 4.5 inches.

You already have a winning motorcycle with the 2008 Pitbull, says Big Dog Motorcycle marketing director Paul Hansen. But with these new accessories, you can make the look more radical, the riding position more aggressive, and the feel of the motorcycle completely different.Big Dog Motorcycle's 2008 Pitbull was recently named 'Best of the Best' cruiser by the luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report.

These new accessories are available immediately and can be installed at any authorized dealer. Big Dog Motorcycles says the Drop Solo Seat and Drag Bars are factory-engineered, ensuring their compatibility.

The Drop Solo Seat, which retails for $275, is entirely hand-made using premium foam, fine grain leather and other high-quality materials. The $699.95 chrome Drag Bars are 1.25 inches in diameter, rubber-mounted and set so the rider has a drag-style, forward body lean.

While the two Pitbull accessories can be used independently, when used together, the rider makes a bold statement cruising the boulevards or pulling up at the local bike nights, says Hansen.

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