Motorcycles included in stimulus bill

Consumers receive tax credits on purchase of new bikes

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Feb. 18, 2009
The economic stimulus bill signed by President Barack Obama provides tax credits on the purchase of motorcycles.

Lobbying from Industry groups and other stakeholders such as the American Motorcyclist Association convinced lawmakers to include motorcycles as “qualified vehicles” in Section 1008 of the legislation. Earlier versions of the bill excluded motorcycles while providing tax credits on the purchase of cars and light trucks under $49,500.

“This inclusive and equitable solution will provide much-needed relief to riders, as well as to those who sell motorcycles,” says Ed Moreland, AMA vice president for government relations. “When it appeared that motorcycles were going to be overlooked in this bill, the AMA and the Association’s members, along with Harley-Davidson and others, took our case straight to Capitol Hill and persuaded lawmakers that this was the right decision.”

Moreland wrote a letter to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) arguing that motorcycle riders are just as likely to be affected by the economic downturn as consumers of cars and trucks.

“We want to thank all motorcyclists who took the time to contact their elected officials,” says Moreland. "This victory is particularly gratifying because it represents a community-wide effort to elevate motorcycles as a recognized and viable means of transportation in America. Motorcycles are vital to the reduction of traffic congestion, provide efficient use of limited parking, have far less impact on our roads and bridges, and contribute significantly to our nation’s efforts to consume less fuel. Our success today clearly indicates that our legislators are listening.”

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