Luv-Handles let you 'hold onto the ones you love'

New safety accessory ideal for motorcycle passengers

By Staff, Apr. 05, 2009
A Mahopac Falls, NY man has come up with a product aimed to help motorcycle passengers hold on - Luv-Handles.

Passengers riding in tandem on open-air vehicles, such as motorcycles, ATVs, Jet Skis and snowmobiles will now be able to maintain a safe and secure hold on the driver in front of them, says Luv-Handles inventor Dr. Gary Cicio.

The patented pair of lightweight aluminum handles attaches in seconds to any conventional belt worn by the driver. Each handle has a soft, buoyant foam grip designed for comfort so a passenger can hold onto them for extended periods of time. The handles are compact for easy storage or can simply be clipped onto the vehicle for easy transport.

Cicio came up with the idea for Luv-Handles after realizing he didnt have a good answer for his eight-year-old son, who asked him What do I hold onto, dad? as he prepared for his first ride to school.

Retailing for $29.95, Luv-Handles can be ordered directly from the official website at or through other online outlets, such as