Lower insurance rates for Desmo owners

Monster, Hypermotard and SportClassic models get reclassified

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 29, 2008
Just because you ride a Monster doesn’t mean your insurance rates have to be monstrous.

Thanks to a partnership between Ducati North America and Foremost Insurance, owners of several Desmo models, such as the Ducati Monster, can now benefit from lower insurance rates.

The lower rates were made possible after Ducati North America worked with Foremost underwriters to reclassify several Ducati models into classes with lower rates.

Foremost now classifies Hypermotards as ‘dual-sport’ bikes while the Monster and SportClassic lines are now part of the ‘standard’ motorcycle class. Until now, these motorcycles were part of the higher premium ‘performance’ class.

Ducati North America and Foremost first paired up in September 2007 to offer discounts and a special partnership with the Pegram Racing Ducati team.