Lab Clean partners with Orange County Choppers

Lab Clean to manufacturer, market and distribute OCC Total Ride Care

By Staff, Apr. 21, 2009
Lab Clean, LLC, manufacturers of Bayes Premium Cleaners, announced its partnership with Orange County Choppers (OCC), the team behind the hit television show American Chopper.

Under this partnership, Lab Clean will manufacture, market and distribute the new OCC Total Ride Care. This eco-friendly cleaner is designed to offer a convenient and cost effective solution to keep motorcycles clean. The OCC Total Ride Care allows owners to clean their bikes without water, thus aiding in conservation and prevention of toxic runoff.

According to Lab Clearn, OCC Total Ride Care encapsulates dirt, melts away road grime, and can be wiped away clean to leave an amazing shine.

This is a great product because it can easily be carried on the bike and used anytime, anywhere, to keep a bike spotless, says OCC founder Paul Teutel, Sr. Weve never seen a product work so effectively on chrome, paint and wheels, while helping conserve water and eliminating toxic run-off..

We are excited to be able to offer this cleaner under the OCC brand. This is a great opportunity for us to market this to bike owners, and increase the overall awareness of a waterless wash alternative to maintain and clean all vehicles, says Lab Clean co-founder Mark Cunningham. We are honored to represent the OCC name with a quality product.

Lab Clean, LLC is currently in discussion with several large retailers for distribution in the near future. OCC Total Ride Care will be available on both the Orange County Choppers and Lab Clean, LLC web sites.