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Erik Buell releasing new album

"Anthem" now available for pre-order

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 14, 2010
Erik Buell and his band, the Thunderbolts, are set to release a new album.

The founder of Buell Motorcycles and Erik Buell Racing is following his other passion, music, with a 10-song album titled “Anthem”. The Thunderbolts consist of drummer Dave Stone, guitarist Ed Laben and bass player Greg Pekley.  Buell plays guitar and wrote most of the songs.

Produced by Buell and ex-Queensryche guitarist Mike Stone, “Anthem” is described as a blend of blues, rock and classic rock with influences from Jimmy Hendrix, ZZ Top and AC/DC.

Erik Buell and the Thunderbolts' new album "Anthem" is now available for pre-order.“Anthem” is now available for pre-orders through Rat Pak Records. Three pre-order packages are available. The album itself is $12.95 and a second package with an Erik Buell Racing t-shirt is $21.95. The third package, available for $49.95 includes the album, t-shirt and a personal thank you telephone call from Buell.

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