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EICMA: Shogun Chopper

Beast from the East

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 04, 2008
In our ongoing coverage of everything new and exciting at the EICMA show in Milan, we figured some of you may be interested in something a little different.

If you were to take a guess where this low slung chopper was built, you would be forgiven for thinking SoCal or Milwaukee; one of the usual hubs of chopper culture. Would you believe that this badass V-Twin actually hails from the Far East? No, not New York Japan!

Available with a 1337cc Evolution motor from Harley-Davidson, the Shogun is produced by the company that brought you the Samurai Chopper. Based in Japan with an operation recently setup in Las Vegas, Nev.

Zero Engineering's Shogun is an example of what the company calls "Zero style", a minimalist look with vintage styling.

Zero Engineering has been building custom manufactured bikes since 1992 and started collaborating with aftermarket manufacturer Plot Inc. to expand their potential. Each bike is hand made and takes several months to complete, partially due to each model being catered to the owners specification.

Their appearance at EICMA this week in Milan signals their introduction to the European market where they hope to continue capitalizing on their blend of modern engineering and classic style.