ContourGPS Camera Adds Bluetooth

Smartphones can be used as wireless viewfinders

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jan. 05, 2011
Hands-free video camera maker Contour is adding Bluetooth capability to its ContourGPS camera, allowing smartphones to be used as wireless viewfinders.

Contour, formerly known as VholdR, unveiled the new ContourGPS feature and a new Android and Apple iOS-compatible mobile app at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The ContourGPS was introduced in September 2010 with the Bluetooth chip already built-in. ContourGPS owners will soon be able to download a free patch to update the camera’s firmware to enable the Bluetooth connection.

ContourGPS with Bluetooth

Weighing 5.2 ounces, the ContourHD can be mounted to a motorcycle helmet to film onboard video in high definition 1080p. Previously, ContourGPS users had to rely on the camera’s two built-in lasers to line up a shot. With Bluetooth, the ContourGPS camera transmits live video to smartphones, making it easier for users to set up a shot. Users can also adjust the camera’s settings remotely through the mobile app.

As its name implies, the ContourGPS is also equipped with a GPS receiver to track the camera’s position, speed and elevation.


“We’re excited about turning a phone into a live screen for the ContourGPS and delivering the single feature nearly all of our customers have been asking for,” says Marc Barros, Contour’s CEO. “ContourGPS was already the first hands-free camera to introduce real-time GPS, bringing a whole new level of video storytelling to our customers around the world. But with the enabling of Bluetooth, ContourGPS becomes the only hands-free video camera with a wireless viewfinder.”