206 mph on a CBR600RR at Bonneville

Honda sportbike breaks previous class record by 36 mph

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Sep. 01, 2009
FL Racing broke five world records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, with one of its entrants reaching 206 mph on Honda CBR600RR sportbikes.

Schaller reached the mark on Aug. 10, the second day of Bonneville Speed Week. Schaller’s speed of 206 mph beat the previous mark in the 650cc modified, partial streamliner, blown, fuel (MPS/BF) category by 36 mph. With regular gas in the turbocharged 2004 Honda CBR600RR’s tank, Schaller set another record in the 650cc MPS/BG class with a speed of 187.608 mph breaking the previous record by 31 mph.

Riding another FL Racing-prepped 600RR, Paul Thede broke three 650cc records for a normally aspirated bike. In the modified, partial streamliner, gas (MPS/G) category, Thede set a speed of 175.023 mph, breaking a 34-year-old record set by Motorcycle Hall of Famer Don Vesco. Thede also broke a 24-year-old record in the modified, partial streamliner, fuel (MPS/F) category with a speed of 175.828 mph. Running without a fairing in the modified, gas (M/G) category, Thede set a speed of 157.556 mph.

This FL Racing-prepped Honda CBR600RR reached 206 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Team principal Paul Livingston credits the use of carbon fiber Blackstone Tek wheels for the new speed records.

“The biggest thing that can clog your brain while hurtling down course is worry about mechanical problems. Knowing the incredible strength of these carbon fiber wheels gave our riders tremendous confidence while approaching and exceeding 200 mph,” says Livingston. “We gear the motors to pull hard on the top end. BST’s light carbon fiber rims help the engines spin up to speed quickly because they have less mass to pull.”