The first three rounds of the 2017 MotoGP season were obvious struggles for Jorge Lorenzo and the Ducati Corse team. At Jerez, though, Lorenzo landed the Duc on the third row of the grid in 8th position, right alongside Valentino Rossi in 7th. Throughout the race Lorenzo put in a strong performance, taking the final podium position, and his best result since leaving Yamaha last year. Is this indicative of Lorenzo coming to terms with the Ducati, and a step in the direction of him winning an upcoming round, or more a matter of the struggling Yamahas, and the benefit of being at a Spanish track?

  • ColoradoS14

    I would not bet on it. He just does not seem to be the type of rider that can “ride around” anything less that a close to perfect setup. Maybe a podium or two but that is all I would think.

  • Born to Ride


  • Donnie

    Nope. Maverick is getting ready to run the table like Marquez did a couple of years ago.

  • Gruf Rude

    We had 9 winners last year so I won’t write him off.

  • elgar

    If JLo wakes up happy, and his if his crew behaves the way he wants them to, and if the bike is perfectly set up to his liking, and if the tires are working perfectly, and if the track temperature is to his liking, and if it’s not raining or wet, and if the wind is perfectly to his liking, and if his helmet/gloves/boots/suit is not irritating him, and if it’s on a track that he likes, and if the moon/stars/tides are all in his favour on the weekend of the race…..yeah, he might win a race this year.