A private school Latin teacher during the day, what does Chris “Teach” McNeil do when he’s not conjugating verbs or running a red pen through students’ tests? He’s absolutely riding the balls off of one of his BMWs. In this video, Elements, Teach shows us his interpretation of adventure riding while aboard an S1000XR.

We all have a different idea when it comes to what adventure riding is all about. While some prefer mellower, interstate cross-country trips, others like to hit the dirt road, down a path less traveled into the wild. We all enjoy challenging ourselves and getting out to enjoy the natural beauty of the land – that’s what adventure riding is at its core – but Chris? Chris’ idea of a peaceful ride through the countryside is on another level – a level us mortals can only dream about and be totally amazed by.

Aside from teaching the inner workings of a dead language, Chris McNeil is actually a factory sponsored stunt rider for BMW Motorrad, and has been an icon in motorcycle stunt riding for over ten years. He’s a regular on the XDL National Championship Circuit and has won the East Coast Title twice in addition to being crowned the 2008 Stuntwars World Champion.

His freestyle, stunt-riding background is ever-present as we watch him carve up and enjoy the beautiful Maine landscape. From wheelies and drifts to stoppies and burnouts, Teach shows us that his S1000XR is capable of traversing rugged terrain in extreme, awe-inspiring fashion.

Regardless of how you like to adventure, we can all agree that doing it atop a motorcycle is perhaps one of the most fun and enjoyable ways. So, we at MO would like to echo Teach, as he encourages riders in the video, “ to get out there and make life a ride.”

Go jump on your motorcycle, get out in the elements, burn some gas, challenge yourself and try to keep the greasy side down, but most importantly, be safe and have fun!

  • Walter

    I did a demo ride on an XR and it couldn’t do any of those things. I must have had a bad unit.

    • Mei

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      • Jon Jones

        So, do you “date”?

    • Gee S

      Yeah — there’s been a recall on these for a faulty nut holding the handlebar. 😉

      I’ve seen ‘Teach’ ride up close. It just beggars description.

  • it doesn’t really matter how you do your adventure. each rider has its own tailored way. it is a subjective thing.
    just make sure to get out of your comfort zone and challenge your self.

    that’s about it


    Guys that can ride like this exist on a different plain of consciousness.

  • maynard

    Remind me not to buy a used bike from that guy.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Would be interesting to ask Mr. McNeil what bike he prefers most for stunting. He seems to get along with the ADV bike quite well!

    • DickRuble

      He prefers those whose manufacturers pay the most.

  • DickRuble

    What a pile of bullshit. Only suckers who don’t know how ads are done wouldn’t know that this was shot with tens of takes collated and edited to produce the effect seen here, with crews closing the roads, etc.. The rubber burning on the raft makes total sense.. What an adventure…