While we were all upset about the proposed tariff on 51–500cc European motorcycle imports, one MO reader, Sayyed Bashir, decided to do something about it. Taking it upon himself, Bashir created a petition on the White House website. According to the site, Bashir has taken the first step of a three step process. The second step must be completed by us – MO readers and general motorcyclists, alike – through the registration of 100,000 signatures within 30 days of the petition’s creation. After that, we can expect a response from the White House within 60 days.

Office Of United States Trade Representative Wants To Add 100% Tariff To 51–500cc EU-Manufactured Bikes

American Motorcyclist Association Objects As U.S. Seeks 100 Percent Tariff On Some European Bikes

The title and full text of the petition are:

Do not impose a 100% tariff on motorcycles 50 cc to 500 cc as part of the beef trade dispute with Europe.

Motorcycles have nothing to do with beef. There is no reason to include them in the list of 85 proposed items which consists entirely of food items. Small to medium motorcycles are the lifeblood of motorsports in the United States. Thousands of spectators enjoy Supercross, Motocross and Enduro competitions, not counting the millions who watch on broadcast television and cable, and thousands who enjoy the sport themselves including children. In addition to dirt bikes, this includes smaller street and race bikes, scooters and mopeds. Many new motorcyclists get started on smaller motorcycles. It is a healthy outlet for the energy of our younger generation. This will also put out of business many small dealerships in the United States who sell 50 cc to 500 cc motorcycles imported from Europe.


So, it’s time for us to get off our collective monkey butts and put the URL for the petition out into the wild. Go to all your favorite forums and websites. Email it to your local dealer who sells the affected brands. Print out cards with the text of the petition on one side and the URL on the other then hand them out at your favorite motorcycle gathering spot. Be creative. The clock is ticking!

Petition URL for sharing:


  • Chris Kallfelz
  • John B.

    I signed the petition. The last WH petition I signed was to revoke Piers Morgan’s Visa. Got way over 100k signatures, but the WH came up with some flimsy excuse to let him stay. Good job Sayyed Bashir. Thanks for the followup Evans!

  • spiff

    Signed it.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Evans, thank you for posting this article, even though it seems the White House petitions process is being scuttled. I first got suspicious when the signature count wouldn’t go up despite a lot of people signing it. Then I noticed that all 19 petitions on the petitions page were dated Jan 20 and 21. Mine was submitted on Jan 23. It seems the petitions process was halted as soon as Mr. T took office. If you click on the link you posted at the end of the article, it says the website is being updated. The best thing for people to do now is to contact their senator and congress person.

    • Evans Brasfield

      It was a noble effort on your part. Strangely, the shortened URL that I originally had in the post worked before I flipped this live. I still had the page open to verify. Now, it doesn’t work. Bummer.

      And I thought President Trump said he was giving the government back to the people. I wonder which people he was referring to, if not us motorcyclists.

      • Sayyed Bashir

        He is giving the government back to the rich people.

        • Starmag

          You guys need to keep some perspective. This beef tariff thing was from the Obama administration. You know, this one:

          • Sayyed Bashir

            Evans is not talking about the beef tariff thing. He is saying that instead of “giving the government back to the people” as Mr. T promised during his campaign, he is taking it away, as evidenced by shutting down the people’s petition process, and his executive orders.

          • Starmag

            Great. I can tell you read the link because you completely edited the comment I responded to. Politicians lie? Who knew?

            I don’t think insulting half the country is going to give you the unity you seek.

          • TheMarvelous1310

            Well, it’s the smaller half… Most people don’t take insults to the President personally, otherwise there would have been a LOT more fights the last eight years, when this culture of disrespecting and undermining the President was established against President Obama. But you knew that.

          • Starmag

            Established in just the last eight years. LOL.

            “low information voter” is an insult to your fellow Americans, not the President. Like “libtard”. But you knew that.

          • TheMarvelous1310

            That just insults the disabled-hey, just like the President! Guess we know why you voted how you did.

          • Starmag

            I voted Giant Meteor 2016. It promised an end to all the acrimony.

            Here’s some things the peace prize hero got up to in the last 8 yrs. you may not know about from a leftist source with links:

          • TheMarvelous1310

            I already knew most of this. The rest doesn’t surprise or upset me… Interesting, though. Thanks for the reading.

            I’m a centrist, I don’t lean like you and them. I lean towards helping those who help us, and going after those who wish us ill. Every bomb he dropped was ten soldiers who didn’t have to be deployed, every action I didn’t approve of was in favor of the progress I did approve of. America was great again until this past week.

          • Starmag

            You assume too much. I spent a huge amount of time opposing war criminal GWB as well.

      • Sayyed Bashir

        At least the U.S. Trade Representative’s website is still working. Almost 10,000 comments have been submitted against including motorcycles in the beef trade dispute.

  • spiff

    I used chris’s link below. It worked

    • Sayyed Bashir

      The link works but the signature count is not going up. Also none of the 19 petitions on the petitions page have their counts going up since Jan 20.

      • John B.

        I noticed that too.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    LoL. It seems that democracy doesn’t quite work at the moment. Normal service will be resumed soon…