Honda announced new electric and hybrid versions of its PCX scooters at the Tokyo Motor Show. Both are scheduled to go on sale as 2018 models in Asia, including Japan. For now, the only PCX in North America remains the PCX 150.

The PCX ELECTRIC is an electric scooter equipped with a high-output motor developed independently by Honda, as well as the Honda Mobile Power Pack, a detachable mobile battery pack. Where there’s no charging station available, you simply whip the batteries out and bring them to the electricity.

Nobody can liberate your PCX when you take the batteries inside for a charge. Bummer, though, that they take up most of the trunk.

The PCX HYBRID is Honda’s newly-developed original hybrid system designed for motorcycles. “This compact hybrid system employs a high-output battery and ACG starter to assist the engine and enables PCX Hybrid to realize a ‘torqueful’ riding performance,” says Honda. Honda PCX Hybrid is scheduled to go on sale in 2018 in the Asia region including Japan.

Outwardly, these two don’t look much different from Honda’s other internal combustion PCXs. Inside they’re a whole new ballgame designed for a cleaner, greener world. Given the current climate in the US and the lower cost of gas compared to most other markets, we may not see them for a while.

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  • Buzz

    What’s the current climate?

    We decided to stop pi$$ing away taxpayer money at the green altar of the Environmental Industrial Complex?

    • …so we can resume pissing it back into the fossil-fuel industry like we’ve been doing for 100 years?

      • john burns

        i think Gabe wins this round.

        • Buzz

          Says one watermelon about another.

          • jeff benson

            Wait til they find out that the cobalt used in the batteries is mined by child labor in Africa.

          • GreggJ

            Wait till they find out the oil that they burn in motorcycles funds ISIS

          • jeff benson

            Better stop riding then.

    • Mark D

      The current climate is actually the hottest its been on record in centuries. Three years in a row. Hence, you know, the attempts at carbon reduction.

      That is, unless you live in an alternative-fact reality. In which case, can you score me some unicorn hair and air-borne porn chops?

      • jeff benson

        Yet still not as hot as either the Medieval or Roman Warm Periods.

  • Mad4TheCrest

    I’ve been looking for a practical electric scooter to come from a major factory. The lack of storage space means this may not be that practical, but I hope Honda brings it over anyway.

    • lactoferment

      can always slap a topbox on it

  • Matt O

    I’m curious why a hybrid and not a gas extended range ev. It seems like a more efficient system. Anyway, I’m interested

  • Gabriel Owens

    I saw one of these recently non hybrid of course. But, they are actually quite stunning to look at in person. Quite stylish.

  • lactoferment

    Anyone know the nominal range of the pure electric?