The key aspect about riding motorcycles is the amount of fun they bring to their riders, and that’s clearly on display in this video that pits MotoGP riders Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa against a field of Japanese riders aboard Honda Super Cub scooters.

We’re familiar with Marquez and Pedrosa battling in their Repsol Honda colors, but they’ve traded their 1000cc V-4 GP bikes for something a lot slower to race at the Motegi circuit in Japan. The bikes, according to commenters, appear to be Honda C110s.

Irrespective the machinery, the race is highly entertaining even if the speeds are low. Probably the fastest part of this race is the delivery of the Japanese commentator, which adds to the oddly exotic nature of the video.

Highlights include a burnout by Marquez on the start line (1:37), a rider, Narita, taking an inside line across the grass into Turn 1 (2:46, 3:46), Marquez switching on his turn signal in the middle of the race (4:18), and Marquez doing a brake slide into the wall after the race (6:22).

Although they started from the back of the grid, Marquez and Pedrosa were battling for the lead by the second lap of the course, despite being obviously playful rather than determinedly serious. Pedrosa ended up taking the checkered flag ahead of his GP teammate.

The video quality is low, but the entertainment value is high. Check it out to be reminded of the pure fun that can be had aboard even decidedly humble motorbikes.

  • Gruf Rude

    Finally, an affordable motorcycle road racing class! The CT70/BNG Cup!

    • Ruth

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      • DickRuble

        Just keep your legs together, the stench is killing roaches.

  • Alaskan18724

    Yeehaw! Today’s coolest story of the year.

  • Starmag

    It’s not a big motorcycle,
    Just a groovy little motorbike.

  • Scott

    This seems to be the whole event:

    Mildly better quality too 🙂

  • DickRuble

    That’s what racing should be about; all small, affordable bikes and may the best rider win.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      All riders arrive at the same time on a small bike going full throttle. No throttle modulation necessary.

      • DickRuble

        You’ve never watched a Moto3 race.

  • Jim

    I want in! That would be fun.


    motorbikes,maybe,scooters does not seem accurate

  • robertvaughn

    Funny how they called it ‘moped’ racing. I did not see a single moped in the whole bunch.

  • Ian Smith

    Every October in Cessnock, NSW Australia is The Postie Bike race held around the streets of Cessnock. Enormous fun on Honda 110’s!

  • Vrooom

    Pedrosa weighs about 130, making the power to weight ratio better for him than most humans. OK, I made up that weight, but he is tiny.

  • johnbutnotforgotten

    In BC the Honda step-through is not considered a scooter because of its larger wheels