All too often we post videos of people doing stupid things. They are usually good for a laugh. Other times, we post examples of what not to do. So, we have to wonder: Shouldn’t we also post instances of a rider and an automobile driver both doing the right thing?

Humans Behaving Badly: This Is Why You Don’t Engage With Road Ragers

Nice Work, Bro

This video starts out the way so many terrible ones do. A rider is cruising down a suburban road towards an intersection with a car waiting to turn left. Yeah, warning bells should be going off. Then the driver becomes an instant cliché by pulling out in front of the rider. The good news is that the rider uses crash avoidance techniques and swerves to narrowly miss the car’s rear bumper. We can’t say for sure, but it looks to us like the rider has had some training.

Regardless, after avoiding the accident, something strange happens when both vehicles stop. The car driver jumps out of the car and asks the biker to turn around, and the rider does. The car driver is clearly upset, apologizing profusely to the rider. In response to this show of regret, the rider does what many of us would have a hard time doing in a time of maximum adrenaline flow. He responds with grace and civility. He even acknowledges his speed’s role in the almost accident.

Chew on that for a second. If they had collided, the accident would’ve clearly been the car driver’s fault. Still, this rider says to the distressed driver, “It’s OK,” in an attempt to assuage his upset. Then they both wish each other well before going on their separate ways.

Sir, we at would like to offer a tip of the helmet to you for your graciousness at a time when most people would lash out. Thanks for being a good example for riders everywhere.

  • Jason M.

    This is a breath of fresh air, sadly even when asked to look twice some people still get pissy and give you the bird…

  • john phyyt

    Many years ago . I had a very similar incident . Lifted my leg just as footpeg got ripped off by tow bar. .. Phew. Made me shiver just looking . All good that no one was hurt.

  • Johnny Blue

    Very nice indeed. Especially when his true feelings were different. The last few seconds of the video show what was going through his mind! 🙂
    I wish these types of incidents would not happen, but they do, so the next best thing is to wish we’d all find it within ourselves to behave appropriately.

  • mikstr

    thanks for sharing

  • Buzz

    That dude is wearing some crazy Jorts!

    Kind of a sassy mid-calf model!

  • John B.

    Hey Evans, In May 2016 you wrote an article about Robert Paul Vance, a Floridian, who, in a road rage fit, intentionally ran over a Harley Davidson rider and his pillion

    Mr. Vance has been charged with two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of an accident without rendering aid, and driving while license suspended (third offense or more). Vance’s cases are set for trial Monday, October 30, 2017, but his attorney filed a motion for continuance.

    This guy deserves some significant pen time; we shall see.

    • hasone

      does the AMA know about this case?

      • John B.

        I don’t know.

  • Rocky Stonepebble

    I would have dismounted my autocycle, and gave him a stern glowering! A glowering he should not soon forget.

    The miserable curr.

    • IRS4


  • hasone

    the biker should throw that fucking smart phone in the trash.

    • RDPS

      What’s wrong with the smart phone? It was off the whole time, I don’t see that distracting him in this incident.

  • SRMark

    Good people. I wish I knew I would respond so nicely.

  • therr850

    The car driver kept holding his chest. I wonder if he was having chest pain. Maybe the rider should have offered a 911 call. Hope they both made it home safely. I’ve noticed over the years, the closer I come to catastrophy the less upset I become. Give me time to watch something develop the madder I get. I don’t retaliate though. They have a two ton steel box and I’m on a five hundred pound park bench.

  • Vrooom

    You should post more of those. Two mature adults, one riding a motorcycle, taking responsibility for their actions. I’ll join you in tipping a hat to these two.

  • Dave Brumley

    It is nice to see that there is still sense and sensibility in this world.

  • Rick Maher

    A. The rider was definitely booking it
    B. Looks like he totally scared the crap out of the guy driving the van
    C. Good they were both apologetic, since they basically both dodged a bullet
    D. Can’t be 100% certain but motorcyclist appears to actually understand their role in this, based on their audio after leaving.

    As we used to tell our students, even if it’s “not your fault” you’re still going to lose something. Both the driver and the rider may suffer damage to their vehicles and themselves, particularly in this scenario.