UPDATE: We’ve added some more photos of the Honda Neo Sports Cafe concept straight from the Tokyo Show floor.

The Tokyo Show’s not just about motorcycles. In addition to at least six new automotive concepts, an advanced electronic two-man wheelchair and an electric self-propelled robotic lawn mower designed to “bring smiles and pleasant moments in people’s lives just like a pet or family member,” there’s this:

The Neo Sports Café Concept is “a concept model for a naked sport model that combines the fun and beauty of a sport bike with a new-generation motorcycle package.” That really doesn’t tell us much more than we learned from the pair of teaser videos Dennis posted last week, but at least now we have photos of an actual bike.

The concept at least sports expensive looking lightweight wheels along with big-boy brakes and running gear. Check that tank/seat junction, and is the tank seam missing? Yes it is. We like.

If you were expecting another kinder, gentler Honda, this one doesn’t appear to be it. It in fact appears to be the CB1000R update some people conjectured, with hints of the CB1000 “Big One” from the early ’90s. That’s definitely a big-bore Four suspended from not much of a steel (?) spine frame, and it’s definitely sprouting velocity stacks out the back of its airbox. That must be where the air goes in, old-school style, since there’s not a stitch of clothing on the bike to hide intake plumbing anywhere else that we can see. Another thing missing appears to be the hideous gas tank seam Honda first removed from last year’s lovely CB1100EX.

It really is redundant to have a phone and an instrument panel in this day and age.

It sort of appears like the single-sided swingarm is controlled directly by the offset rear shock without benefit of linkage. And the whole package looks extremely stripped down and minimalist. Maybe that’s because all the legalities haven’t yet been addressed on this “concept,” but rumor has it the finished product should appear very soon at EICMA.

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  • Old MOron

    Holy crap! And I just got excited about Kawi’s retro bike. Can’t wait for EICMA.

    • Born to Ride

      The difference is that the Z900 is a real bike, and this is some designer’s wet dream(and ours) that will never see production.

      • Old MOron

        Yes, you’re right, of course. On the other hand, the CB1100 started out as a concept bike. Of course Honda didn’t build this version. Effers.


        • Born to Ride

          Honda’s concept bikes are always startlingly beautiful with magnificent fit n finish. They’re like a really sexy chicks that love to flaunt their goodies but as far as you can tell don’t hook up with anyone. Just wasted potential.

          • Old MOron

            Oh well, you’re all set to get the Z900RS, anyway. Right?
            Good onya.

          • Born to Ride

            Yeah kawi earned my money for finally building the bike I’ve been waiting years for. I’ll be riding it a good long time methinks.

          • JMDGT

            Kawasaki makes some really nice stuff.

      • denchung

        Not in this exact form perhaps, but Honda did tease this bike for EICMA, not for the Tokyo Show where this concept was shown.

        • Born to Ride

          Interesting, is the Milan show exclusively for production bikes?

  • Gruf Rude

    THIS is what the CB1000R needs to be!

  • 12er

    Looks too good for Honda to bring it to reality.

  • spiff

    I have been critical of Honda lately. If they bring a decent facsimile to showrooms I will apologize.

  • spiff

    If this and the new Z900RS start a class, than Guzzi should dust off it’s LaMans. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ee8d536c13520b773ac17bf295061fae10de46ff23de9ffd6e944c7c654383fc.jpg

    • Old MOron

      Hey Spiff, you still get my upvote, and I don’t mean to bother you with pedantry. It’s just that it’s so funny:

      When you typed LaMans, you make me think of Lamaze. Ha ha ha!

      • spiff

        Well, if you are going to prepare for a new upcoming model maybe it is appropriate.

        • Starmag

          LOL. Great!

  • Junker

    Looks familiar…

    oh yeah, 790 concept, vitpilen, svartpilen….

    • Old MOron

      Hey yeah, those darned pilens haven’t made it to the States. Have they?

    • Sayyed Bashir

      That’s exactly what I thought.

    • Alaskan18724

      Imagine—a pilen you can have serviced at your Honda dealership. Will wonders never cease? I, for one, lost track of how to do my own service about the time JB pointed out that a Phillips ain’t necessarily a Phillips. Explains a lot, now that I think about it….

  • Max Wellian

    With the chain right next to the brake rotor, you probably don’t want to order that Scottoiler for it just yet.

  • kenneth_moore

    A partial list of the stuff that’s missing to put this bike on the street:

    Turn signals
    License plate bracket
    Side reflectors or lights
    Catalytic converter
    EPA regulation airbox

    I’m sure there’s more.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      Horn, license plate light, speedometer, tachometer, idiot lights. Once all that stuff is put on, it won’t look so svelte.

  • mikstr

    see, this is what we need, instead of the DN-01 and NM4…. perhaps Honda has turned the corner?

  • Sentinel

    Here’s to hoping they don’t shove the “Box Full of Neutrals” engine from the new CBR100RR into it…

  • john phyyt

    Thought it may have been a Triple for a moment. Got my hopes up then. dashed : Again.

  • allworld

    I’m not sold on all the details, but this is only a concept. IMO, Honda has the compass pointed in the right direction.



  • Mad4TheCrest

    Like many concepts this thing looks too sparse to live. I might enjoy looking at something which is just a couple wheels, an engine, bars, tank, and with a planky little butt-platform for a seat, but for real world use it screams impractical and uncomfortable. Flesh it out Honda and then we’ll see …

    By the way, we never did get a real version of the New American Sport (NAS) from what 2002? So I am not holding my breath on this one …

  • Alaskan18724

    Rumor has it, eh? Here’s to rumors!

  • Fabian

    Nice, very nice.

  • AM

    I am hoping I will not be too disappointed on the 6th reveal and hoping to be at the most 440 lbs. tank full. We’ll see.