For those who think a 1990 Honda RC30 isn’t cool enough, you could always buy this tasty example of one that has been dipped in the HRC catalog. For what the bike has installed, the $30,000 asking price doesn’t sound unreasonable.

1990 Honda RC30

Here’s the Craigslist advertisement:

1990 Honda RC30, the real deal, 49 state bike.

She has a bunch of cool parts in this list, but I bet I missed a few:
HRC 17″ Magnesium wheels
HRC full floating and vented front rotors with HRC calipers
HRC front axle
HRC fork internals with external adjusters
HRC Radiators and Temp gauge
HRC jet kit (I think)
Moriwaki DRY CLUTCH ) (imagine a Japanese refined Ducati dry clutch sound, F’ing musical)
HRC Aluminum bodied rear shock
HRC rear ride height adjuster
A one off Yoshimura full exhaust with a period carbon can
PFM iron rear rotor
HRC breather tank
Modified rear subframe
Braided lines
Aftermarket 520 chain and sprockets
A lot cool aluminum hardware here and there
She has a lot of the practical stock parts, like the stock rear sets, stock clip-ons and bar-ends, stock turn signals and lights. She is just as comfortable and easy to ride as the day she left the factory. Her motor is stock, has never been removed or apart and has never had any problems. A bunch of the cool parts came from Freddie Spencer’s RC30 program like the wheels, clutch and suspension.
This girl has been meticulously cared for, she has never been crashed, never fallen off the stand or anything like that. But she does have a few blemishes, look carefully at the pictures, ask questions, I want to make sure you know what you are getting. I’ve taken over 30 pictures, the latest one after I rode her to work this morning (8/21/17). The upper hasn’t been painted, but the pearl white is a bit off, maybe it was kept near the welder or got some extra sun. The bike has a few chips and marks but nothing besides the pearl white really worth highlighting. Take a look at how great the fork lowers look, she is in great shape. What you see is what you get, she doesn’t include any other parts (except her factory rear stand), no tool kits or manuals.

Ask questions, ask for pictures, please understand what this bike is and what you are buying. Asking $30,000.

  • Old MOron

    Putain, it’s about time!

  • HeDidn’tWeDid

    The battle between Zarco and Rins is worth getting up at 5 a.m. to watch Moto2 live. Zarco is agressive, but measured in his attacks. Good rider and genuinely hope he does well with Tech3.

  • Gungalagunga

    You don’t mess with the Johann!

  • Jon Jones

    Practically giving it away!

  • Tanner

    Jalopnik has a “Nice Price Or Crack Pipe” section. Just set up a poll and post some weekly craigslist find and you have a new feature on this site.

  • V8-Snail

    Too many mods to make it a classic.

  • Назар Кальян

    Such money is not a pity for such a motorcycle. But I personally would like to test it.

    Alex White

  • Lewis

    Far better looking than what today’s sportbikes look like. I remember these were actually slower than the VFR Interceptor in acceleration tests due to them being delivered with a loooong first gear. suitable for road racing. After all, they were basically a starting point for a competitive superbike.