For as much buzz as the Kawasaki Ninja H2 is drawing, arguably the real show stopper seen during EICMA 2014 comes from the Yamaha booth and the new R1 and R1M. Derived directly from the M1 MotoGP machine Yamaha riders Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi pilot, Yamaha said bluntly the R1 was designed for the track first, street second. The Crossplane crank inline-Four is back, but that architecture is about the only thing retained from the previous R1.

The new R1 makes considerably more power and weighs significantly less, the latter achieved through the use of aluminum, carbon fiber and magnesium in strategic areas. All the power is harnessed through a very advanced electronics suite, with the more track-focused R1M receiving even more trick bits. E-i-C Kevin Duke is live at EICMA, where he filed this report about one of the most advanced sportbikes to come out of Japan.

Follow the rest of our 2014 EICMA Show coverage for more information on new 2015 motorcycle announcements.

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  • Greek7

    Well i really am going to have to wait to see how it does and if you will be able to flash the ecu. ////one thing i know is i am keeping my 2009 r1, why so far it’s faster them most bikes out there with the stuff i have done. Best thing was the ecu flashed and it made the bike so dam fast. Zx14 no problem. bmw no problem and 1199 no problem. thats with the ecu and y pipe and two brothers. All the other bikes were all stock. If u can flash the new r1 then i am 80% going to get it. R1m if they dont jack up the price to crazy. 2015 is going to be a great year for sportbikes. Enjoy!!

  • Greek7

    Sorry my keys stick

  • DickRuble

    Another nice bike for the vertically challenged crowd. Guess they’re focused more on the Japan/Asia market.

  • Rival

    The Bike performance figure is superb but they lost the charming, evil headlights.

    Overall gud competitor in 200+ category.

  • cathries