By now we’ll assume you’ve already read my First Ride Review of the 2017 Yamaha FZ-10, which means you already know I’m a fan of the bike. I give kudos to Yamaha for producing a motorcycle worthy of bringing the fight to the three class leaders of the super streetfighter class: the KTM 1290 Super Duke R, BMW S1000R, and Aprilia Tuono V4 1100.

More than just an R1 stripped down, the FZ-10 takes the track-focused R1 engine, which is tuned for top-end power, and reworks it to bring the power down lower in the revs where street riders will actually use it. This was done via a whole host of methods, but the major piece to the puzzle is the reworked cylinder head with smaller intake valves, revised combustion chamber, new piston, lower compression ratio, and new intake and exhaust camshafts with reduced lift and duration. It used to be that the words “re-tuned for torque” meant a once awesome engine was now neutered and boring. Not so with the FZ-10. It’s still as lively as ever, and with the way its Crossplane crank exhaust note sings to you, you can’t help but want to twist the throttle every chance you get.

Borrowing the frame and suspension bits as the R1, though with reworked damping rates, means the FZ-10 makes quick work of the twisty stuff, and its tall, wide handlebar makes it really easy to throw the bike wherever you want it.

Overall, Yamaha did a great job with the FZ-10. It’s a legitimate contender with the best in the class, and clearly ahead of the other Japanese players in the field. That said, the FZ isn’t without its flaws – confusing power modes and soft brakes chief among them – but for $12,999, the least expensive of the four bikes discussed here, neither issue is a deal-breaker for me.


All that’s left to do now is to get the FZ-10 together with its rivals for a good ol’ fashioned face-off. Until then, check out my initial thoughts about the bike in the video above.

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  • john phyyt

    I am commenting to simply congratulate you on the professionalism of the video. Location was excellent. The content was also very informative. It is clear that you are now speaking to a vast international audience and you continue to provide very high class product. Thanks.
    I guess modes will be confusing for the first day but ownership will soften the blow. Re-flashes will no doubt provide the owner with whatever they crave.

    The oil cooler seems very exposed. Some models seem to have a small guard standard. ? Akra slip on seems ready to go along with a small screen for when the cold winds start to blow. I am talking to finance now.

    • TroySiahaan

      Thanks for the kind words, John.

  • Old MOron

    Good video review, Trizzle and the MOronic production crew.
    I didn’t like the way it cut from picture to picture in the beginning, like was some sort of MTV/VH1 video. Fortunately you cut it out.

    You MOrons still have me waiting for the Sporty Bike Ride to Laguna Seca story, so I don’t dare dream of the streetfighter shootout.

    • TroySiahaan

      We gotta appeal to the youth crowd and bring more young blood into this sport. Our (fictitious) focus groups say they dig the opening sequence!

      • Old MOron

        Ha, you need a Pokémon MO app!

        • 12er

          Probably only way to get kids into bikes… Everyone Ive spoken to with license age kids say they dont care, cant text in car so dont want a license…

      • Buzz

        The Snapchat generation.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    And again only one bulb working. Maybe I’m strange, but that is a big deal for me…

    • 12er

      I hate it as well. Glad my Multi uses both sides on low.


    $13k and still has rubber brake lines….LeSigh…..

    • spiff

      $100 fix.

  • Ben Rogers

    not sure if this is 3,000$ better than a suzuki gsx-s 1000. The suzuki is very appealing

    • randy the great

      No crossplane, no thanks.

  • Lee Taplinger

    In the old days it cost a small fortune just to get one overhead shot because of the cost of leasing a crane. Aerial shots cost even more with the cost of a helicopter. Troy, did your crew use a drone for the aerial shots or did Yamaha supply a chopper?

    • TroySiahaan

      My “crew” consisted of one guy, and yes, he had a drone. It woulda been amazing if Yamaha provided a choppa!

  • SRMark

    I won’t comment on the looks. You know if you like them or not. But it sure is an interesting package of parts. Gotta love Yamaha for continuously coming up with something fresh.