We’ve been following the creation of the Victory version of a bike with the Indian Scout engine with great interest. Well, it’s arrived in the form of the 2017 Victory Octane and not without a little controversy from our readers. Whether or not the Octane is the motorcycle you wanted Victory to build with its engine, we think the Octane is a very good motorcycle.

2017 Victory Octane First Ride Review

The engine had its displacement increased to 1179cc and has new pistons, cylinders, heads, camshafts, and all it covers. The gearing was lowered, and the EFI was tuned for maximum responsiveness in the lower rpm. In the end, fully 65% of the Octane’s parts are unique with only the remaining 35% being shared with the Scout. After three days in the Octane’s saddle, we can firmly state that the bikes are quite different in character. We are looking forward to testing the Octane side-by-side with the Scout and the other cruisers in its displacement class as soon as we can gather them together.

For now, here’s a look at the Octane in moving pictures and sound.

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  • spiff

    If someone was thinking Sportster this and the Scout are the only choices. Polaris did a good job of building two bikes at opposite ends of the spotster spectrum. They even have the Scout lite for the 883 crowd.

    They will continue to play Indian and Victory like this through every segment of their market.

    I would also like to say they should make something like the first gen Buell Lightning. This motor could to it. Make it cool and the Thruxton would have some competition.

  • DickRuble

    Whether you think or not that the Octane is a motorcycle, we don’t care, and we won’t buy one.

    • Old MOron

      Aw c’mon, Dick. This thing is going to be MO’s motorcycle of the year!

    • TheMarvelous1310

      Who’s we?

      • DickRuble

        A broad group of knowledgeable riders that doesn’t include you.

        • TheMarvelous1310

          Heh, broad. Stop advocating for your imaginary friends, we don’t care how they feel!

  • Kenneth

    All you have to see is the photo at the top of this review to instantly recognize how awkward the “clamshell” riding position is for a performance bike. How expensive could it be for Victory to engineer something closer to a standard-geometry frame for this already much-acclaimed powertrain? I guess their analysis shows more sales potential for a cruiser, and who knows, they might be right (unfortunately).

  • SRMark

    I like the mini-fairing, the front fender, the tank and the engine.

  • El Apestoso

    Weren’t they comparing this thing to muscle cars? I seem to recall muscle cars actually being fast. This bike is not fast, unless you exclude all bikes that are even moderately fast from any comparison.

    • TheMarvelous1310

      Muscle cars were powerful and stylish, but not necessarily fast. The ones people consider to have been all-around fast in their day-the Firebirds, the Mustangs-were actually sports cars in their day. The actual muscle cars-the GTOs, the Torinos-were usually lightened coupe versions of family sedans(Tempest), and not near as agile as their smaller brethren but faster than a lot of things in a straight line.

      That being, the Octane actually plays the Firebird, the other Victory line being the Tempests/GTOs. It’s the lightest & most powerful Victory, and a 100+ horsepower/500ish pound motorcycle isn’t slow just because there are faster bikes. Plus you see the power potential in the Octane, and the custom potential from the Scout-add rear pegs to an Octane and you’ve got an American Bonneville T120/Moto Guzzi Griso.

      • El Apestoso

        Actually the Griso is quite a lot faster than the Scout/Octane. The closest bike in terms of straight line speed is the Honda CB1100.

        • TheMarvelous1310

          You wouldn’t like an American CB1100? Because that sounds awesome to me, and I’m saving up for it right now.

          • El Apestoso

            I said it was closest in terms of straight line acceleration, not in any other way. The Scoutane will not keep up with the CB1100 in anything twisty. As for an American CB1100, the Scoutane is not it, not remotely. If Polaris wanted to that, they wouldn’t have slapped the Scout name onto a cruiser.

          • TheMarvelous1310

            The Scout is an athlete amongst cruisers, and a fast bike waiting to happen. The Octane, even more so, with less restrictions on design and feel. Either one is a 2 inch higher rear shock away from keeping up with most bikes in any corner, forward controls and all-just like the XDiavel. Don’t worry, my money’s going where my mouth is. I’ll catch you one day in the canyons!

          • El Apestoso

            Athlete among cruisers is like the world’s tallest midget. Cruisers are fun, but they’re not performance oriented, at all. That’s why people for whom performance is a primary concern don’t buy them.