TVS Motors revealed its new Apache RR 310, the most advanced model ever released by the Indian manufacturer. While the 2018 TVS Apache RR 310 will likely never be brought over to the U.S. market, it is important for one reason: it’s essentially the precursor for a BMW G310RR.

BMW and TVS worked together to develop a platform using a 313cc DOHC Single-cylinder engine and trellis frame. The platform has already resulted in two BMW models, the G310R and the G310GS. The first sportbike version, however, is from TVS, giving the company a 300-class sportbike to compete against the likes of the RC390, from KTM and TVS’ direct Indian rival, Bajaj. While 300-ish sportbikes are considered entry-level models in the West, they are considered premium models in India, offering a significant step up from the 150cc to 200cc models that make up most of the local market.

“Today is a proud moment for us at TVS Motor Company. Driven by our promise of delivering more to customers than their expectations, TVS Apache RR 310 is the beginning of our breakthrough into the super-premium category,” says KN Radhakrishnan, TVS president and chief executive officer. “We started building our premium brand – Apache RTR with 150cc and succeeded in raising the customer aspirations with 180cc and 200cc bikes. TVS Apache RR 310 is another step in our effort to deliver beyond customers’ expectations and offering them a chance to upgrade from premium to super-premium category. TVS Apache RR 310 is a testimony to our Racing DNA and R&D capabilities, positioned to fulfill the ever-growing aspirations of the new age customers globally.”

The reverse-mounted Single cylinder is inclined slightly rearward with the air intake at the front, providing a more direct path for both the ram air intake and exhaust. On the Apache, TVS claims the engine produces a peak output of 33.5 hp at 9700 rpm and 20.1 lb-ft at 7700 rpm, numbers not too far off from the G310R’s claimed 34 hp at 9500 rpm and 20.6 lb-ft at 7500 rpm.

Strip away the Apache’s bodywork and you’ll see a similar engine, trellis frame, suspension, and even wheels as on BMW’s G310R.

The suspension is also similar to the G310R’s, with a 41mm upside-down fork and a directly-mounted KYB monoshock. TVS did not provide rake or trail information, but we do know the Apache’s 53.7-inch wheelbase is about a third of an inch shorter than the G310R’s. Curb weight is a claimed 374 pounds, or about 24 pounds heavier than the naked G310R.

The brakes are also identical between the TVS and BMW, with a single four-piston caliper with a 300mm disc up front and a two-piston caliper with 240mm disc at the rear. ABS is offered as standard equipment. The Apache also uses the same 17-inch five-spoke die-cast alloy wheels as found on the G310R.

The Apache adopts a mass-forward design with a high, rising tail with aggressive edges inspired by the silhouette of sharks. TVS says it conducted extensive wind tunnel testing to reduce drag and maximize downforce.

The shark motif continues with the gill-shaped vents between the layered bodywork.

TVS says it plans to offer the Apache RR 310 in international markets, but we’re unlikely to see it in North America. More likely, we’ll see BMW introduce its own version, likely to be called the G310RR.

TVS offers two color options: Racing Red pictured above and Sinister Black pictured here.

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  • TwistedKestrel

    That trellis frame looks good in those colours, like even BMW is putting too much bodywork on it

  • Born to Ride

    What a nice looking little bike. If Suzuki built a sport bike like that with the SV650 engine, I’d buy one

    • Lynchenstein

      I agree! It’s a looker.

  • Xenu Teegeeack

    Cool bike bro, but… please, some help here!

    My mandatory university snowflake trigger indoctrination has me all freaked out on this one! I know I have to be triggered here, but… but… but.. is it racist for an Indian (Dot-Indian) company TVS to name a motorcycle after an American Indian tribe (Apache – Woo-Woo Indian) or just cultural appropriation? We haven’t even got to the Red (commie or Red skin!) color! Snowflakes (white liberals with no dog in the fight) got to know!

    • Jon Jones

      Funny, I thought this could be an issue, too.

      EVERYTHING is an issue these days.

      • Born to Ride

        Your micro aggression has me triggered. Need to find a safe space.

      • Rocky Stonepebble
        • Jon Jones

          More Cultural Insensitivity!

          Cool! Didn’t know the name of this particular instrumental. I love classic instrumentals from yesteryear.

          • Rocky Stonepebble

            Well, as a cross-reference to the Bruce Brown story, it all fits, does it not?

            Surf music. Instrumentals.

            Do you remember the chat in past weeks of Keith Moon and his love for Surf music? How it influenced his drumming style?

            This particular video features Hank Marvin, formerly of the Shadows. The Shadows had a hit with this in 1960. The Shadows was Cliff Richard’s band. Hank became a “rock guitar God™.” So much so, that the only recorded and released instrumental by The Beatles (written by George Harrison) was “Cry For a Shadow.”

            This was George’s homage to Hank.


    • 12er

      Uh… while on the topic I had fun at the Calistoga Half Mile commenting to the Harley Faithful the irony of an “Indian” racing a Harley made in India.

    • Goose

      Just wondering when you and the rest of the anti Harley crowd is going to give up on the “made in India” crap on the Streets? This fine virtual magazine has shown pictures on the engines for US Streets being made in the USA.

      Give it up, it is stale and just makes you look ignorant.

    • Rocky Stonepebble

      I’m British. We invented bigotry.

      And concentration camps.

      Just learn to STFU and not be an arsehole in life, and we shall all get along.

  • Old MOron

    I like the bike, but if its design is inspired by sharks, why does it have a horsees on the tank?×363.jpg

    • denchung

      That’s TVS’ logo.

    • Rocky Stonepebble

      I heard the designer was hung like a horse.

      A seahorse! Ah-hahahahahahahaha!

  • kenneth_moore

    There’s nothing racist about calling the bike “Apache,” but I wonder if that’s what it will be called in the Indian market. The name has meaning in western cultures, but what does it invoke to a buyer in Bengaluru?

    • Suhas Lakshman

      Well to be honest, the Apache name over here signifies a bike that is well known for its crazy performance and brilliant handling. This bike is a step in the right direction for the company as their designs have been too similar at this point of time and the pricing of 2.05 lakhs ( 3180$) is we can say Bang for the Buck. Naming it Apache seemed right for the company as it has a huge fan following, although Akula would be cool, they wouldn’t want to lose their customers hence they took the safe route.

      • Edith

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      • kenneth_moore

        Do you mean the name “Apache” has already been applied to previous bikes? Or that when people in India hear “Apache,” it will immediately bring those characteristics to their minds regardless of any history?

        I think its pretty neat that you guys are in a fast growing motorcycle market. I miss the motorcycle “boom days ” here. It’s also cool that you can be at the high end of speed and power with a 300-400 cc bike. And it seems like less than 100 hp at the rear wheel isn’t considered enough around here. Actually even 100 hp is pretty dinky these days.

        • Suhas Lakshman

          Yes the Apache name has been applied before as it started as a 150cc bike and is actually now a family over here as it starts from a 160cc and goes all the way to the flagship which is the new 310cc we are talking about,with a 180cc and 200cc also being there, all signifying performance and dynamics are top notch without compromising on comfort and usability.

          Yes you are right about the motorcycle boom but we need more competition to be honest as most of them are launching scooters and companies are focusing on fuel economies, prime example is Honda who is launching scooter after scooter and won’t give any comments on their performance range.

          Yes even having less than 100bhp can be fun over here as most of us don’t indulge in track racing regularly and the main purpose is to tour and move in the city. As long as we enjoy the ride, that is enough to satisfy our needs for a motorcycle

          • Rocky Stonepebble

            So long as a mob of Apache’s do not set upon you …

    • Sayyed Bashir
      • Tosha

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    • virooo [Viraj Hegde]

      We’ve been doing fine with name Apache for decades. First a British-Indian singer ‘Apache-Indian’, then IT servers based on Apache, then TVS bikes named Apache and recently as Sayyed highlighted Made in India Apache choppers by Boeing.

  • Travis Stanley

    Very interesting. I know India is building the German 650 thumper engine for the Loncin DS8 also.

    Good to see globalization in action.

    • virooo [Viraj Hegde]

      India has a long history of supplying automobile components to global OEM’s. Cam shafts, gears and what not. Its just that there were unnecessary teirs in the ecosystem who concealed this fact fearing brand dilution of their clients. Thanks to globalization that has facilitated direct buying now. Ducati, MV Agusta have their own stringent vendor development & quality programs for India. Also no one noticed Indian Automobile Industry before acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover. And then 47.99% stake in KTM and now partnership with BMW. Bottom Line, awesome machines at economical prices!

  • StripleStrom

    My first thought was, with BMW’s quality control being what it is now, India might be a step up for them.
    This is a very nice looking motorcycle. Exciting to see some new options coming from all over the globe. I wish the US had a company offering non-cruiser options.


    IMHO either BMW or TVS should intro it in the US-with parts availability from the BMW dealerships,maybe? Also has anyone heard if Honda will import their CBR250RR?

    • denchung

      The expectation is BMW will release its version for western markets eventually. The question is when, and how much will it resemble the TVS model? My feeling is a BMW-branded model will be styled differently to look more like a mini S1000RR.

      As for the Honda, it’s more of a mystery. The curious thing is when World Superbikes first announced its Supersport 300 class, it used a picture of the CBR250RR in its promotional graphics. And yet, here we are, with no CBR250RR outside of Asia. The current CBR300R is (mostly) outclassed by the current crop of small sportbikes, and if Honda introduces a double-R for Europe or North America, it’s unlikely to be a 250.