It’s sunny and 65 here today in SoCal, but that doesn’t stop us lusting after the new 900cc Triumph Bonneville, spotted testing near Triumph HQ in Hinckley in the UK on what doesn’t look like a very pleasant day.

This one will be the standard Bonneville, nestled between the entry-level Street Twin we rode in December, and the 1200cc Bonneville T120, and serving as replacement for the current 865cc air-cooled Bonneville T100.


The new Bonne 900, which may appear mid-year as a 2017 model, looks almost identical to the newly-launched T120, complete with wire wheels and retro-’60s Bonneville styling. But instead of the T120’s 1200cc HT (High Torque) liquid-cooled twin, it will be powered by the same 900cc version as the cheaper Street Twin, which Triumph rates at 54 hp (but 60 lb-ft of torque); ‘900’ badges at the base of the cylinders identify it, and it appears to use the single throttle body set-up of the Street Twin’s 900 HT engine. To cloak it, the bike’s side panels extend further forwards than those on the T120. It also uses the fork and single front brake of the Street Twin instead of the twin-disc arrangement of the T120 and Thruxton.


Should be good. Stand by for more, as all the new Bonnevilles are scheduled to roll out over the next few months.

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  • DickRuble

    How forward thinking! Looks like a Jawa cca 1960’s. Guaranteed thrills with the single front disc.

  • Starmag

    Meh. It’s not as good looking as that Jawa which is sweet looking. Love the red paint, egg shaped crankcases and chrome tank. Too bad about the 60’s brakes, power and handling though. Can’t wait for the road tests of the 1200’s. They better have at least 80rwhp out of 1200cc to motivate the 525 or so wet lbs to be desirable to me.

    • Born to Ride

      I wouldn’t count on it, Triumph claims peak torque of 74.4 ft-lbs @ 3100. If we substitute those values into Tn/5252, we get 45.685 shp at peak torque. It would have to make Peak torque until 6000rpm to make 88 shp, Which is approximately what you would need for 80rwhp.

    • DickRuble

      Mea culpa. I forgot to use sarcasm fonts. Of course the Jawa looks better. Even the W850 looks better.

    • Kenneth

      “Too bad about the 60’s brakes, power and handling though.”
      So, you read John’s first ride review, and believe he’s lying?

  • I love how grubby this test rider is. That’s so British. I like to imagine he’s ferreted away two or three bacon sandwiches in his jacket in lieu of a heated vest. “Keeps me warm, mate; an’ I never go hungry. Mind you, me missus is none too pleased.”

    The bike itself looks good to me, and will look better cleaned up. If Triumph is smart, which I suspect it is, parts of the “inspiration kits” available for the Street Twin will be compatible with this bike.

    I’m not happy about the fact Triumph appears to be keeping that ugly pannier rack, though. I’d prefer integrated pannier stays. Maybe this is just a trick, though, designed to make the test bike look old to help it avoid detection. One can hope.

    • Andre Capitao Melo

      I would guess that it’s impossible to design integrated stays on a motorcycle designed to look old.

  • TheMarvelous1310 .

    900cc, 54 horsepower and 60 pound feet? I guess it’s only the Harley-Davidsons that get trolled for being underpowered, huh?

    • DickRuble

      Triumph is trying the “go stupid” strategy; revert to design and performance at least 50 years old. Works for HD, why wouldn’t it work for them? Don’t forget to upvote yourself.

      • TheMarvelous1310 .

        AlAlready did, but thanks for caring!

  • SRMark

    The test-mule is a tad bland. With some styling cues to make it a Triumph I imagine it will look pretty good in show-room form. I like how Triumph has shrunken the “swollen noggin” valve covers. With a set of aggressive ADV tires it might make a decent photo-gear schlepping bike for the many mountain roads where I live. Throw some camping gear on there, maybe some high pipes and this could be a nice ADV-to-standard convertible. Nice blank canvas. It’ll be interesting to see how it ends up looking.

  • Goose

    John, A question for Triumph’s marketing people. Why does only one of the new Bonnies allow tubeless tires? And the one that does have one piece wheels has a tiny gas tank, the least powerful engine, what seems to be lower spec brakes, etc. Nothing for those who like a little touring range, practicality and performance with their nostalgia?

    • john burns

      Wire spokes say `60s, I guess? They want the nostalgia vote. And the Speed Twin has a small tank, but gets 60+ mpg supposedly, so should still go almost 200 miles.

      • Goose

        If the 900 gets 60 MPG it will help. Looking forward to a test.

        • DickRuble

          Yes, show me the 60+ mpg from a 900cc.

          • Goose

            Always willing to post your opinion in a complete fact vacuum, right Dick?

            I’ve never gotten 60 MPG for a 900 but I’ve gotten 72 from 670 without trying to get good MPG. The tuning of the Bonnie 900 (54 HP) seems to be pretty close to the NC700 I rented (47 HP). I’ll get back to you when we have actual facts to talk about instead of conjecture.

  • Luke

    I wonder how much weight the first really good aftermarket build will remove from this. It still looks really heavy… (but that seems to be what some folks go for).

  • Tom Dinchuk

    Kawasaki should buy BSA’s name and open a factory in England that makes w800’s.
    Then we could have a ”real” British motorcycle (360 crank and aircooled engine) that
    would be a lot like the English stuff us old farts grew up with. Just kidding ; but it
    would be funny if it happened. I had a 1970 Bonnie for 25 years and now own a
    2001 Bonnie ( and love it). If I’m lucky, I’ll be riding that for the next 25 years!

    • Bmwclay

      I think they basicaly did that in the 60’s. Didn’t work all that well either.

      • Tom Dinchuk

        Actually they didn’t; They produced a Kawasaki 650. It wasn’t branded as a British marque.

  • Frank A ODonnell

    City of 600,000 and there is no Triumph Dealer !

    Trailer 65 miles to service or parts.