Triumph will reveal a new Speedmaster on Oct. 3, adding a cruiser to its Bonneville family. A teaser video announced Triumph’s “new British Classic Custom Icon,” offering a few furtive looks at the new Bonneville Speedmaster.

From the video, we can see a the familiar tank badge marking other Bonnevilles, gaitered forks, and an LED headlight. Comparing the angle of the fork to the headlight nacelle, the 2018 Speedmaster has a noticeably smaller rake angle than its predecessor’s 33.8º, looking closer to the Bonneville Bobber’s 25.8º.

2018 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster headlight

The dimly-lit shot of the whole bike reveals wire-spoke wheels (the previous Speedmaster had cast wheels) and dual front brakes, suggesting the Bonneville Speedmaster will use the larger 1200cc Bonneville engine as opposed to the 900cc engine powering the other smaller T100, Street Cup, Street Twin and Scrambler models. The few looks we get of the exhaust system reveal a silencer resembling the one found on the Bonneville Bobber, which also uses the 1200cc Twin.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available, leading up to the 2018 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster’s Oct. 3 launch.

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Triumph Communities

  • Jon Jones

    Not dark enough!

  • gjw1992

    If this is basically a Bobber with a practical tank capacity then that’s no bad thing. But would mean it’s “just” a t120 with lower seat and fancier bars.

    • Kenneth

      The local Honda dealer told me he heard lots of interest expressed leading up to the actual release of the Bobber, but then, by May – nothing. They can’t move them (he said he didn’t know why). So, a larger tank and different ergos might be just what’s needed if Bobber sales are slow, nationwide.

  • SRMark

    Alright! It has a headlight.

  • Mad4TheCrest

    I think Triumph did well (at least initially) with the original America and Speedmaster cruisers because of their accessible entry price. If the new Speedmaster has the 1200 engine then it won’t be as affordable. But maybe they will have a 900 version too, sometime later?

  • TheMarvelous1310

    In a world with the Bonneville Bobber, is the Speedmaster really necessary? I mean, I like Speedmasters, but I wonder i they’re cannibalizing their own sales here.

    • Ellis Tomago

      Maybe someone wants a Bobber but occasionally rides with a passenger.

  • Tim Sawatzky

    I just hope they change it to belt drive. I loved the Speedmaster but it wasn’t on my list of potential bikes because of the chain. (I won’t buy another bike with a chain unless it has a center stand) But a cruiser 1200 to compete with the Indian Scout would be very cool.

  • Jim

    Does this signal the end of the Thunderbird line?

    • Born to Ride

      Previously Triumph had the T-Bird and the Bonneville cruiser models side by side. Don’t see why this release would mean death for the T-Bird.

      • Jim

        It just seems like it’s being phased out. We have an award winning Triumph dealer here, and I visit regularly. The only Thunderbird I see lately is the Storm. The regular version, the Commander, and the LT have been absent from the showroom floor for a very long time. A 1200cc cruiser and a 1700cc cruiser seem to be at odds with each other. I could be wrong.