We’ve been giddy about small-displacement-sized adventure bikes since testing the CSC Cyclone a couple years ago. Enter 2016 EICMA and not only does Honda announce the 2017 CRF250L Rally, but so does Suzuki bring forth a mini-ADV bike with its V-Strom 250/ABS.

The diminutive V-Strom is powered by a 248cc parallel-Twin with a claimed 24.7 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 17.3 ft.-lb. of torque at 6,500 rpm. The engine is said to be optimized for low- to mid-range torque production by way of intake valves that are optimized for airflow, and tuning for maximum acceleration at speeds between 13 mph and 56 mph.

For a smaller bike the V-Strom 250 comes equipped with a nice reverse-lit LCD instrument cluster that includes a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, dual trip meters, a gear position indicator, driving range, average fuel consumption, and a fuel gauge.

The rear of the V-Strom is outfitted for accepting optional side cases, while a non-adjustable windscreen helps deflect the wind. The small Strom also features 10-spoke wheels, petal-type front brake rotors, and ABS.

Suzuki says the concept of the V-Strom 250 is “‘Massive and Smart’: Massive for the solid feel of its well-balanced body and Smart for its sophisticated and practical design that provides ease of handling.” With 17-inch wheels, front and rear we know this Strom is meant more for the street than the dirt.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Strom 250 measures up against the new Honda CFR250L Rally. From first glance, though, the Honda, with its 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear wheel appears to be the better off-roader while the Suzuki’s 17-inchers, both front and rear, will be the more dominant streetbike.

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  • Starmag

    Looks like a nice street bike with dirt pretensions only that is unlikely to return to it’s aerie with any dirt on it’s beak.

  • Vrooom

    A sensible entry level bike! After reading about a Ducati Monster 800 being described as entry level with “only” 80 hp, this is a bike I’d actually recommend to a new rider. Congrats to Suzuki, this actually looks fun.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    It needs a bigger front wheel if it’s doing any serious off-roading and a few more cc’s if it’s going anywhere near the freeway… But at least it’s not another triangle-shaped dirtbike!

    • Jay F

      I would recommend the DR line for any serious offroading. My DL650 will do it to a degree, but it’s a pig! After picking it up 5 times within a few mins in 95F weather I was beat. I’d take this thing over the 650 for that, but a DR-Z400 or the DR650 is much better suited.
      I think the design for the VStrom DL line is for street (comfort) and fire trails. That’s not to say people don’t take them crazy places. In the same regard I know a group who does Lake Mich/Superior on some KLR’s, which has a seat about the size of a toolbox.

      My longest day on the VStrom DL650 was 700mi from Front Royal, VA to Chicago burbs and I wasn’t sore the next day.

      • BryanS

        I had my Wee Strom in some pretty knarly terrain. It didnt do the best, and was heavy to pick up when I ran out of skill and not trail. It really sucked at trying to get over logs.

        I wouldnt get rid of my BMW now, but these 250s have me seriously interested.

  • Jay F

    Funny because Revzilla just published an article basically claiming that the smaller displacement bikes are dead in the US (specifically the CBR 600). Meanwhile Kawi releases the Versys 300, Suzuki the VStrom 250, and Honda the CRF250.

    I am personally a big fan of manufacturers putting out odd displacements, so new riders can have their fun within certain comfort zones. Also these smaller bikes are affordable, allowing a particular VStrom 650 owner to get something for around town or light trail riding. When I convince my wife that we “need” one of course.

    • Kevin Duke

      Serves you right for reading a different publication! Oh, and don’t forget the G310GS also on the way to market.

  • Yak Yak Yak

    It certainly looks interesting; where are the specs? Centerstand-acceptable would be a plus.

  • jay stammerjohan

    its time that as a person who had a few suzuki bikes we nees a bike to fit drivers under 6 foot and not the 400 brugman i had one i love to trade my gw 250 for a dl650 with saddle bags and center but i want the stock pipes not the new ones. a twin gs 450 with twin shocks mag rims center stand rack and saddle lockable i take thank you jay