A few weeks ago Suzuki invited us to the launch of its GSX250R. During the event we were briefed on Suzuki’s plans for bringing new and returning riders back into the sport with this new motorcycle. Many critics, upon hearing news that Suzuki was coming to market with a 250, were asking why not a 300 like most of the other bikes in its class. Whatever Suzuki’s reasoning may have been for the decision, it should be notedthat the 2018 GSX250R is a great bike. It may not be the lightest or fastest but it does an adequate job of being a practical sportbike that looks good.

2018 Suzuki GSX250R Review

Having the chance to ride with a diverse group of journalists, everyone seemed to come away satisfied with the motorcycle. We weren’t chatting about mind-blowing horsepower while at the watercooler, but the mention of a “Katana frame of mind” from Suzuki does well to describe the GSX. A practical, great-looking, sporty motorcycle.

We spent some time after the shoot putting the bike through its paces to get a thorough impression of how it performed in a variety of scenarios that a rider might typically experience. The motorcycle is still in my garage and is my preferred choice to swing a leg over when bouncing around town for quick errands. It is as unintimidating as it comes while having uncompromising style. We will have a comparison put together with some of the other lightweight sportbikes soon. For now, take a look at our video review of the 2018 Suzuki GSX250R.

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  • Sayyed Bashir

    MO has come a long way in their video reviews. I especially like the drone shots.

    • thm4855

      Agree, and I hope in a little while we can also see normal people without tatooes and full of red pimples and the cap the the wrong way.

      • toomanycrayons

        “They’re normal, now. You lost.”-Kellyanne MO’wnway

        • thm4855

          Ok – if you say so, I thought he,d escaped from some place.

          • toomanycrayons

            He did a great job. Lighten up. We can’t all be gorgeous and cool like you.

          • thm4855

            I know – it starts with a normal way of dressing, you want to sell – not scare people off. Have a nice day !

          • Sayyed Bashir

            I think Ryan did an excellent job for a first time video review. He did not hesitate, talked with confidence and knew all the facts. I could not have done it. His written review is also very good. He was able to convince us that despite being underpowered and overweight the GSX250R is a good all-around bike, especially for millennials. That is hard to do with so many naysayers. He owns several bikes including a 2014 KTM 1190 R so I am slightly biased πŸ™‚ He is a biker, not a salesman, and looks like it.

          • toomanycrayons

            “I know – it starts with a normal way of dressing, you want to sell – not scare people off. Have a nice day !”-thm4855

            If a backwards hat scares you, you’re on the wrong site. Try Golf Carts Anonymous. Tell them Don sent you.

          • thm4855

            I will !

      • michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

        and the frikking plugs in the ears yecch!

        • sgray44444

          I thought the same thing, but I’m an old fart compared to the intended 20-something audience. Give the kid a break.

          • Jon Neet

            I’m an old geezer myself. The tats, ear rings and such don’t bother me. My last five years of working before I retired was at a Haley-Davidson/Buell dealership. Some of the techs there looked a little scary at first. But, when I got to know them and work with them, they were some of the nicest people I ever worked with over many years.

            So, lighten up!

          • michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

            OK but what he’s done is irreversible,in my day a haircut and shave would fix you right up!

          • sgray44444

            I wish we could go back to that generation, but things have changed. I would comment more, but there is no point in offending someone who doesn’t know any better. I’ll just say that I don’t have any piercings or tattoos because, as a follower of Christ I don’t believe in defiling my body.

          • michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

            i agree!

  • Johnny Blue

    Is that bike blowing blue smoke around 1:30?

    • DianeKNewman

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    • thm4855

      From 1:30 until midnight JB ! (joke of the day?)

      • Johnny Blue

        What joke? Can’t you see the smoke from the exhaust when he’s revving it up? Around 1 minute and 30 seconds into the video…
        It seems wrong to me that a new engine, in 2017, blows smoke when revved…

  • Vrooom

    Wish I could watch video reviews at work, but no go. Suzuki will sell a fair number, but would have love to seen a 400.

  • James D. Becker

    It’s still a dressed up GW250. Still a Chinese bike. The TU250X is a much better bike and is made in Japan.

  • Jamie Daugherty

    Pretty late to the game, especially when everyone else is 300cc. Typical Suzuki….

  • Campisi

    I actually appreciate the screw-type valve adjusters and the other changes Suzuki made to this engine on what we have to conclude was a shoestring budget, but honestly it doesn’t sell me on a GSX250R as much as it does a lightened and de-uglied Inazuma urban commuter. Throw this engine at the TU250X and call it good.

  • kawatwo

    I’m glad you mentioned the weight discrpancy. Suzuki could have tried a little harder. I’m sure it’s a great bike but don’t know why anyone would buy one when they could get an older 88-2007 250 Ninja that would kick this things butt and be even more comfortable. Or spend the extra 500 dollars for an R3 or Ninja 300. I LOVE that Suzuki is introducing the 250, I just wish they had thought about the current sate of the market a little bit more.

    • therr850

      Keep in mind, many people looking for a “starter bike” don’t know weight difference. All they are looking at is what catches their eye. If they sit on it and it feels good then it is good. Let’s ride

  • Jon Neet

    I had read somewhere speculation that they used the engine from the Suzuki GW250 on this? That would be a water cooled vertical twin if so.

  • Shlomi

    Why not put the RMx engine, and kick the competition over a cliff !

  • Old MOron

    Nice job, Ryan. You’re coming along pretty well as the FNG.
    Were I starting all over again, I’d start on a 250, just like I did the first time.
    Okay, I might get one of the 300’s that are available nowadays.
    Just depends on which bike I like, not the 50 cc difference in displacement.

    PS: now that we’ve had a good look at you, you could be Dirty Seans’ little brother. Ha ha ha, you two are like the MOronic version of Speed Racer and Racer X.

  • Old MOron

    PS: even though the be line doesn’t say “James Martinec,” his MOronic contributions continue to be top notch. Keep up the good work, Jmesn, you MOron.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    Awesome editing and narration. Well done!

  • michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

    i’d like to correct something-or expand-i said;Ryan did a bang up job on the review,and if i have a problem with the tats and plugs well,that is my dues i gotta pay for living so long! after all dressing like Billy in “Easy Rider” didn’t impress too many folks back in my day either!