According to Suzuki, the new 2017 SV650 returns to all the elements that made the original SV a cult classic – but with more of everything. The 645cc liquid-cooled V-Twin has been updated with more than 60 new parts, boasting more low-to-mid range horsepower and torque, as well as improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

sv650_engineThe new Twin’s pistons were designed for optimal rigidity and weight, and use new resin-coated piston skirts for reduced friction and greater durability. Two spark plugs per cylinder optimize ignition. The Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve fuel-injection system features 10-hole fuel injectors for improved fuel combustion. A new, lighter-weight exhaust system is said to help boost low- and mid-range power.

The SV’s updated chassis incorporates more than 70 new parts and components, and when combined with the new steel truss frame equals a weight reduction of 15 pounds over the previous model. The new SV650 uses 290mm dual front disc brakes and 240mm rear brakes with an ABS system manufactured by Nissin. The front suspension system uses 41mm telescopic front fork tubes, plus a link-type rear suspension. Radial tires run on 17-inch five-spoke cast aluminum wheels.

The SV650 also features Suzuki’s new one-push easy-start system, first introduced on the 2016 GSX-S1000. A new low-rpm assist feature complements the throttle-body integrated idle speed control to deliver more consistent and powerful launch from a stop.

SV650_CockpitThe SV’s multifunction LCD instrument panel consists of a gear position, digital speedometer, tachometer, and includes indicators for odometer, trip meter, average/instantaneous fuel consumption, driving range, clock, water temperature gauge and fuel gauge. Backlight is adjustable in six levels of brightness and can be set to your preference.

Price, color and availability for the SV650 are currently TBA, but targeted to be available in dealers in late spring to early summer.

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  • Craig Hoffman

    About time. Better late than never I guess. No more Gladius distractions, back to the roots that made this model great.

  • Kenneth

    I don’t believe I can recall a manufacturer realizing they’ve made a big mistake and returning – to this degree, and after so many years – to the formula that worked so well, previously (even down to the famous SV650 name). Inevitably, some will criticize Suzuki for having “run out of ideas,” but I hope this move sells well for them.The return of a classic, indeed.

  • Brian Clasby

    I applaud the “new” look.

  • Reid

    Thank God for normal looking motorcycles.

  • JimC

    Hope the pricing isn’t silly. It has to come in below the GSX750, I would think.

    Design looks good. Is that a real aluminum lower frame member, or a cheap plastic shroud like the Gladius? If plastic, it looks well done, but I think not.

    I actually worry the seat might be TOO low.

  • JerryMander

    Why does every manufacturer of everything only photograph things at 45 degree angles? Is everything in the world ugly? We’d like to see what that shit looks like from the side. Fuck man.

  • Born to Ride

    Goddamn it suzuki, I said I wanted a premium SV with premium performance and premium components. I hope this bike is cheap, because it needs all the same fixing that the old bike needed to feel like a quality ride. I loved my SV to death, but I spent thousands upgrading the suspension and brakes to get it the way I wanted. My M1100S? A couple clicks of the ohlins suspenders and brake pad swap was all it needed for perfection. I really wish the japanese manufacturers could nut up and bring a high quality product to market with little to no concessions.

    • c w

      I believe the bike you want is called the GSX-S1000…..or maybe it was something made by some Italian company or another.

      • Born to Ride

        If the GSX-S was an SV, then your statement could be remotely accurate. I have a couple Italian bikes, very pretty, very nice, but also not an SV. So actually, the bike that I want is in fact an SV.

        • c w

          It seems it isn’t, as the SV is and has always been a budget bike. It’s not going to be shipped with up-spec parts as Suzuki has decided there isn’t enough market share for them and…whomever else is selling V-Twin nakeds with better parts.

          So, you’re either going to be in the market for a different bike or address your parts desires at the time of purchase via yours or your dealer’s preferred parts catalog…

          Unless there is some sudden, incongruous boom in the market for mid-sized bikes with O(insert two dots)hlins and Brembo.

  • Whaaaaaaaat????? Great news. About 15 pounds heavier than the first-gen SV and probably the same peak hp, but with ABS and FI. Same brakes and suspension, smaller tank, steel swingarm…it’s not a step forward, but it’s a step in the right direction for Suzuki, and you have to applaud big S for keeping the MSRP the same (probably $7899 would be my bet) correcting for inflation–and that’s a big deal considering the Yen’s weakness against the dollar.

    • c w

      Nobody ever seems to bring up that weight thing about the pointy.

  • Scott

    Seat looks like you will be constantly sliding forward and nut crunching. I never rode the SV or Gladius, but I couldn’t even sit on the Gladius in the shop without feeling like I was on a sliding board. I’ll give it a look, though.

  • Infadel Macgee

    Ok Suzuki how about a trellis framed TL1300S ?no SV . 1200 is now passe’ . Gotta keep up with them KTMS . How about a side by side fuel tank and airbox so each can be a little bigger ? Made out of polished aluminum with a sideways P51 style airscoop for the ram air with stainless mesh ? Offset old school protruding gas cap . Do an aircraft styling maybe some flush riveting . Some nose art on the fairing .Youd sell a s 5hit ton. I garontee

  • Infadel Macgee

    Great styling on this 650 trellis frame looks good and no ridiculous Atv cats eye headlight . Looks like a Monster . Needs to be MUCH bigger though . See below

  • Chris

    It looks to me like they tried to turn it into a Ninja 650. Wrong move.
    Pure performance would have been the way to go on this one.

  • Ozzy Mick

    Bring it on! Loved my ole SV that I purchased originally for commuting, sparing my (much heavier) Bandit 1200 only for long trips. I DID ride the SV on a couple of tours and was seriously considering getting rid of the Bandit. Unfortunately, got taken out by a wayward motorist who changed lanes unexpectedly. It did convince me that we don’t really need bigger capacity bikes in order to have fun!

  • Ron

    Thanks Suzuki. Now how about bringing back the SV-1000.

  • c w

    Dear Gents of MO,

    Can you tell us when we might get our (meaning your) hands on one for initial riding impressions?

    Do you have access to any information about the scrambler-styled version with the SW Motech bags? Is it just a styling exercise and SW-M advertising or a planned package available from dealers?

    • Kevin Duke

      Looks like we’ll be waiting till March.

      • c w

        so….it’s May.

        just hanging out…


        • Kevin Duke

          It’s being launched domestically in two weeks. Hang in there!

          • c w


            Saw it again in person at NJMP. They started it up for us. Sounds nice…

            I wish some of those visible connectors and cooling pipes would go away, though…

  • c w

    Impressions after having a sit and gander at the NYIMS:

    – Be not a-feared over the seemingly slanted seat. Most of the slant you see is the cover. It gives down a bit into a nicely sculpted shallow scallop. It is roomy, feels more level than it looks. It has a hint of back support and a definite separation from the pillion, despite its single-seated-ness. Though I didn’t mount the rear perch, the pillion even seems like it has decent padding.

    – The plastic cladding around the headlight is thin, but fits the lines nicely. It isn’t obtrusive and seems like it will have some aeronautic benefit (likely mostly to do with wind noise).

    – The plastic moulding under the tank fits well and seems like it would take the lick in the event of a parking maneuver laydown (of course, that what you got those cool delrin sliders for). The one visual issue I have with them is the “pixel-effect” texturing on the front section of it. It feels like a bit of the bad part of the Gladius design somebody snuck in on their way out the door. Then again, Suzuki seems to want to be the other Honda half of the time, so maybe it’s the result of that preoccupation.

    – I usually consider complaints about wires being visible on a to be whining, but Zuk could really do a better job organizing and placing the wires/connectors on the engine. Budget does not need to mean sloppy.

    – According to the reps there, the US may only be getting the ABS model. They are suspect that all the parts shown on the various customizing concepts shown at EICMA will be available through dealers.