Polaris announced updates to its Slingshot lineup for 2017, including a new race-inspired Slingshot SLR model as well as a host of new accessories including a removable roof.

Joining the base Slingshot and the Slingshot SL, the SLR model adds several premium features including a two-tone paint scheme, sporty cut-and-sew seats, open air intake, interior LED lighting and Sparco steering wheel, pedal covers and aluminum shift knob.


The SLR uses higher-end forged aluminum wheels as well as a wide 305mm rear tire (compared to the SL’s 255mm tire and the base model’s 265mm rubber) and composite brake rotors. For better wind protection, the SLR comes with a tinted Ripper series wind deflector.


The Slingshot SLR is otherwise the same as the other models, using a 2.4-liter DOHC four-cylinder Ecotec engine from General Motors, a steel spaceframe, rack-and-pinion steering and double-wishbone front suspension. ABS and electronic stability control are also standard.

The 2017 Slingshot SL received some minor updates including a clear Ripper series wind defelctor, accent hood graphics, cut-and-sew seats and a speaker system from Rockford Fosgate.

Polaris Slingshot

Polaris added 31 new accessories to the Slingshot catalog, the most notable being the Slingshade roof. The Slingshade follows the lines of the Slingshot while providing some protection from the elements. The roof has removable T-top panels with tinted windows and can be quickly detached when needed.

The 2017 Slingshot SLR is priced at $28,499 and will be offered in Orange Madness or Turbo Silver. For $25,499, you can get the Slingshot SL in either Sunset Red or Black Pearl colors, while the base model Slingshot comes in Gloss Black for $21,999.

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  • Speedwayrn@yahoo.com

    Seriously?…. No…just no…

  • Ronald Vennell

    I did a demo ride of a Slingshot at Americade. They are a hoot to drive. They are not a motorcycle though, except under most state’s licensing rules.

  • SRMark

    There are a ton of roads around my home where I’m sure I could learn to love this thing. But $28K is a tad pricey for the tarted-up version. Might be nice to pick up a used one some day.

  • Starmag

    A Miata is more fun and has a top,trunk, and A/C. And is less expensive. You’re not getting your knee down with either one.

    • that1dj

      A SLINGSHOT is a Chick Magnet!
      A miata is a Chick Car!

      • Starmag

        I was wondering how long it would be before Polaris marketing chimed in.
        Talk to Peter Egan, Jeremy Clarkson, Seinfeld, Leno, etc. etc. or any other sports car nut. Miatas are THE value sports car despite your own insecurities about being seen in one.

        • that1dj

          To be honest, I cannot give a fair opinion on the Miata because I’ve never driven one. But I will say that the SLINGSHOT is a one of a kind vehicle, and lots of fun to drive. I can give a fair opinion on it, Because that I do own! How many people voice their opinion on slingshots and they have never even physically seen one. I would be curious to drive a Miata……………….ugggggghhhhh No I wouldn’t!

          • Starmag

            Jeremy Clarkson quote “The fact is that if you want a sports car, the MX5 is perfect. Nothing
            on the road will give you better value. Nothing will give you so much
            fun. The only reason I’m giving it five stars is because I can’t give it

  • Frank Padilla

    I saw one being towed on h-78 east, Carlsbad.

  • Douglas

    They might as well come up w/a canvas top addition, as the sun where I live gets pretty intense in the summer….and while they’re at it, some snap-in side curtains and a for real windscreen (w/a wiper), for if you get caught in the downpour, you could safely motor to the homesite…