MV Agusta continues to tease its upcoming collaboration with coachbuilder Zagato, revealing the F4Z on social media platforms. We’ve only been able to see a few glimpses of the F4Z on its two teaser videos (video one and video two) but in poor lighting conditions. MV Agusta released the first clear look at the F4Z (albeit in a rendering rather than an actual photo) this morning on Twitter and Facebook:

A second image, showing one of the first looks of the left side of the F4Z was later posted on Instagram:

MV Agusta still hasn’t released any official details about the F4Z, saving that information for Sept. 4. From its name, we know the bike is based on the F4 but with significantly different styling courtesy of Zagato. We assume the F4Z is a one-off creation but what is unclear is if it offers hints at an updated F4. Among the most notable changes for the F4Z is the underslung exhaust replacing the F4’s signature undertail organ pipe exhaust. Recent industry trends have the exhausts mounted low, and MV has already followed this pattern with the rest of its lineup.

We’ll have more information when it’s released on Sept. 4 (unless MV Agusta decides to release yet another teaser in the next week).

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  • Old MOron

    The longer I look at the pictures, the less decided I become.
    Is it gorgeous? Or is it odd but compellingly interesting?

    • 12er

      Uh, yes? Same boat here, what side you rowing on?

      • Old MOron

        Well, I’ve decided that I like it. Not enough to buy it if I could afford it.
        But I’m glad that MV will make it and sell it.
        Oh, and I hope MO gets to review one!

  • Starmag

    Well, at least it’s not another transformer eyesore. Love the flashy red metalflake. I’m just thinking that a high-end collaboration with Zagato for a limited use monoposto while they are again in the midst of dissesto seems unwise.

    Who thought that MV needed styling advice?

    • Old MOron

      Good point. Why would MV seek styling advice from Zagato?
      I guess they’ll try anything to get Schlomi’s money.

    • allworld

      They don’t need styling advice, they need cash and one off special editions is one way to get it.

    • JMDonald

      The same reason many auto manufacturers sought out body designs by Pininfarina. From a design perspective they offer a fresh alternate view. I’m sure money may have something to do with the collaboration.

  • Born to Ride

    Wow, that’s pretty sci fi right there. Tail section ruins it for me. Very cool still.

  • Mahatma

    Looks like a mish mash of different eras as others has pointed out,and with a dash of 60’s sci-fi.I don’t like it,me thinks:(

  • john phyyt

    Peeking out of a hijab ?

    • Ian Parkes

      Ooh you make me horny baby.

  • DickRuble

    Don’t know why but it immediately reminded me of this

  • allworld

    What’s not to love.

  • Luke

    Nice to see a departure. If they want to be the “Ferrari of Motorcycles” they need to take some styling risks. I’m not a guy who wants a Liter Bike, but if I was going to buy a MV and pay that premium, I’d want a bike this different from a Kawasaki…

  • Kim Corell

    Hey when it comes to future and scifi themes I’m all in! But this one… Err, give him his money back because that’s one ugly bike!!

  • Thomas Haller

    I like the “futuretro” styling!

    I think I’ve seen one parked here and there in Paris? 😉

    – Thomas

  • JMDonald

    Things of beauty and grace are often referred to as “she”. She has the look of a movable wing fighter.

  • Ian Parkes

    Bravo! Love the way it honours Zagato’s illustrious past too. Although good spotting from Born to Ride about the rear. A soft tail looks odd. We motorcyclists are too conservative to accept that at face value. It might be fussier but a spine under it might look more right to more people. Adding this one to the fantasy garage.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    Special Bikes Save Lives! Lotus made the C-01, and it saved the company. Harley-Davidson made the Street Glide, and now baggers are what Choppers were. Ducati is made of this-Diavel, Monster, Hypermotard, et all. Special bikes save lives. Quote me, and watch MV Augusta climb out of the hole.

  • mog

    The look is refreshing. That said…..
    Also looks as though it weighs at least a quarter ton & a little pregnant.
    Maybe an eye on each side near the bars & some shark’s teeth?
    And the slotted front fender? the gills are in the wrong place Zagato.
    The seat screams…. afterthought. Modeled after a spent piece of bubblegum.
    Trim the design down a lot more to a sheer rather than a heavy drape.
    Nope, not with my money.