To the rest of us, 2021 my seem like its a long way away. For Moto Guzzi, the year – and the company’s centenary – are close enough to start planning for. Case-in-point is the Moto Guzzi Concept V85, the first example of a new line of motorcycles that the folks in Mandello del Lario are developing for the celebration. This line of motorcycles will fall between the V7 and V9 families and the 1400 cruiser line. The cut of the Concept V85 is distinctly adventure-oriented. What many riders may not know is that Moto Guzzi has a long history with off-road motorcycles – though its recent offerings may be lacking much in that regard – that reaches back to the four gold medals won in the Six Day Reliability Trial in 1939 through to the Paris-Dakar rallies in the mid-1980s. The V85 is designed to appeal to riders “who, while never ceasing to dream of Dakar, yearn for a bike that revives the spirit of adventure on their daily journeys.”

The Concept V85 was designed to fit a wide variety of sized riders through its narrow midsection while it’s tank style is harkens to the rallies in Guzzi’s past. Other signs of the V85’s adventure intent are the high fenders front and rear along with the long-travel suspension. Wire-spoked wheels hold blocky tires so that the fun doesn’t have to stop at the end of the pavement. The steel trellis frame is both light and strong, thanks to the use of the engine as a stressed member. The new swingarm features a curve on the left side to a straighter path for the exhaust system while the shaft drive is housed in the right side.

Moto Guzzi Concept V85

Although the V85’s engine retains the transverse 90° V-Twin structure, Moto Guzzi claims it is proprietary and is completely separate from any of its current power plants. The mill is claimed to produce 80 hp while Moto Guzzi is “guaranteeing great character and the usual spectacular force at lower running speeds.”

Expect to see more of this line of motorcycles in the next few years as the models continue in their development: “It will be a family of medium-sized cylinder bikes, from different intended uses, combined with strong character, generous performance and a style which is typically Moto Guzzi.”

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  • Old MOron

    Wow, suddenly 2021 seems far off. I’m looking forward to Guzzi’s centennial bikes.

    • Evans Brasfield

      This’ll be out before 2021.

      • Old MOron

        When I bought my S1000R, I figured it might be the last bike I ever need buy – at least the last bike for a long time. But the OEM are killing it this year.

  • RPJ

    I like the look, but 80 hp is a bit anemic, & I would still like to see a single side swing arm. Cruise control would be nice, the one thing they should have done for the Stelvio.

    Piaggiao could have done more to make the current line up meet Euro 4 & be competitive. Let’s see if this even materializes. Can’t help it but I have very little faith in Piaggio to promote the brand of improve their dealer network.

    • Born to Ride

      When the 850 2 valve engine makes 50, 80 is a godsend.

      • RPJ

        Very valid point :>) but still will not make the bike competitive in the current market of 100 + hp bikes that match this style.

        • Neutron Alchemist

          The BMW F750GS (853cc) only has 77hp, and the Ducati Scrambler 1100 (a 1100cc!) only 86, both had been presented at this same EICMA.

          • Jon

            No adventure bike needs more than 80 horses. Usable power is what is required.

      • Keith T Robinson


  • SRMark

    Just ugly enough! Yamaha’s gonna be pissed at the color scheme though. I do like it.

  • Campisi

    “This wacky off-the-wall concept motorcycle is totally three or four years out, everyone, as denoted by the plate hanger and emissions equipment we just threw in for funsies.”

    • Born to Ride

      I was told 2020 for this one.

      • alessandro

        that woudl be the stupidest thing for Piaggio. They needed a bike in this segment yesterday. And they need to build a new Griso on this basis, with a pumped up engine and enough style to compete with the R nineT. C’mon Guzzi, wake up!

  • Rocky Stonepebble

    The first time I EVER looked at a Guzzi, and did not laugh, and immediately dismiss.

    All things are ready, if our mind be so.

  • Born to Ride

    Oh wow, I’m shocked. I did not think these would be showing up for another year or two. Now I don’t feel so bad about spilling the beans in that other thread. I see they went with the BOLD color option. It was red, grey, and silver when I saw the rendering.

    • Old MOron

      Oh right, Moto Guzzi runs all its design concepts by you.
      Post a picture of those earlier renderings. Put your boot in it, too!

      • Born to Ride

        More like I was invited by a friend of a friend to PADc and begged to see what they were working on…

        • Old MOron

          I just want to get all the mileage I can out of the boot joke. Every time it starts to feel tired, good ol’ Ruble reinvigorates it with fresh contrarianism and hostility.

          • Born to Ride

            I feel you man. That shit was pretty hilarious.

  • nxs

    Someone supply the Moto Guzzi CEO with stronger espresso. For crying out loud, get this bike made NOW!


      hear hear!

      • Clutchman11

        WOT ‘e sez! Finally a less ugly Stelvio, I even see traces of the Quota!

    • alessandro

      Looks pretty ready to hit the road. Let’s hope they don’t wait until it’s old news.

  • Keith T Robinson

    cant wait to see a v9 type bike with 80hp!

  • Bmwclay

    Maybe squeeze in the 1400 engine? Maybe then I could sell my 2000 r1150GS,……………nah.

  • Greg

    Man, is that gorgeous…


    Change the yellow to the flat green that was on the Griso. Now you have Italian colors!

  • ADB

    Fantastic. (Though I am biased…).

    • Rocky Stonepebble

      You have two lumps protruding from your sides, too?

  • Butch Schultz

    I like color.
    Red and Yellow, no so much.
    Looks like a parade float.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    This has the three most important things any motorcycle can have: Torque, Height and Style. No reason this shouldn’t be a hit! I might even buy one if I’m still being indecisive by the time it comes out.

  • BainDramage

    Winner, winner chicken dinner!
    Can’t wait test ride this sexy beast.

  • alessandro

    Did i read “light”?! If this baby is under 200 kg, it is going to be a killer. And if they are wise, they are going to make also a 1.2 lt with 100+ bhp. And if they are going to be even wiser, they are going to use this base for the new Griso. Oh, I am dreaming again…