Last year, the mighty men of MO participated in the UMRA’s 24 Hour Endurance Race at beautiful Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley, California. Their highly modified but lightly tested Honda Grom carried them to a less-than-stellar finish but yet a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

This year’s 24-Hour race begins Saturday at noon (PST), and we’re back at it again, this time on Kymco’s brand-new K-Pipe 125. Well, in fact, only two of the boys are back, Sean and Troy, because the rest of us managed to come up with good excu…, er, had prior engagements, which made it impossible for us to participate. Good luck this year, men! We’re with you in spirit and virtually through social media on our Facebook page and wherever!

Here’s Kymco’s official press release with all the details about the K-Pipe, the riders and the race:

For Immediate Release: September 8, 2016
KYMCO Challenges the Space-Time Continuum: UMRA 24 Hour Endurance Race

Spartanburg, South Carolina: Team KYMCO USA Project K-Pipe takes on the challenge of racing in the UMRA (United Mini Racing Association) 24 Hour Endurance Race at Grange Motor Circuit, Apple Valley, California. The field of 22 mini motorcycles takes to the track and the clock this Saturday, September 10, at noon Pacific Time. Please set your watches.


Team KYMCO USA Project K-Pipe will be riding the all-new KYMCO K-Pipe 125, the latest entry into the hot market of fun, friendly motorcycles. The K-Pipe 125 features a 123.7cc four-stroke engine, producing approximately 8 horsepower and 6.3 ft. lbs. of sneaker-scuffing torque, delivered through a four-speed transmission. The K-Pipe 125 rolls on 17-inch wheels, has a front disc brake, is lightweight with only 224.4 dry lbs., is totally capable of carrying a passenger, and delivers 70 miles per gallon. Endurance-racing mileage may vary.

Time will advance only one-minute at a time for 24 hours, when the field of 22 angry machines take to the tight, 13-turn, Grange Motor Circuit. The grid of exciting motorcycles range from 50-150cc, competing for championships in five different classes, and for the glory of the Overall Win, through the heat of desert daylight and the cold of night-sky starlight.

Captain of Team KYMCO USA Project K-Pipe is accomplished road racer and Marine veteran Peter Kimmanee. Kimmanee has competed in six 24-hour, Le Mans-style start, mini motorcycle endurance road races, with teams that twice earned the Overall Win. Kimmanee said, “My hope to use this event to introduce to racing kids from 12-17-years old. The K-Pipe 125 is a small machine with conventional handling, due to its 17-inch wheels.” Other team riders are: Sean Alexander, Lance Hashida, Saul Martinez, Bill Oney, John Ryti, Troy Siahaan, and Carlos Verdenelli.

Team KYMCO USA Project K-Pipe will be competing in the Formula 5 class, but running a purely stock engine. The only mods to the electric- and kick-start K-Pipe 125 are: Cogent Dynamics rear shock, Viets Performance built brake line, Bridgestone GP 125 slicks provided by Temecula Motorcycle Service, SBS brake pads, ProTaper handlebars, WPS handguards, DID chain, main jet, pilot jet, 39-tooth rear sprocket, and removal of the rear fender, passenger grab rails and turn signals that, with the custom built muffler, result in a weight savings of 22 lbs.. The K-Pipe 125 has a Two-Year Factory Warranty, and customizing accessories will be available this fall.

Please follow the live racing action through updates on Instagram: @kymco_usa.

  • JMDonald

    Le Mans,Daytona,Sebring,Mille Miglia,Dakar and now The Grange. Sounds like great fun. Good luck.

  • Old MOron

    Sean and Trizzle? They are the opposite ends of the MOronic BMI scale. How is the race bike set up?

    • Bike setup? Is that like when you add gas, or change some of the oil?

      • Old MOron

        Ha ha, now I don’t feel so bad about my own racing efforts.

      • Campisi

        Stickers. Proper placement takes time and planning.

  • Tod Rafferty

    Sean was waffling until he heard it was an 8-man team, meaning plenty of nap time.

    • TroySiahaan

      Ride to sleep, sleep to ride. At least that’s what I’ll be thinking when I’m out there.

  • DickRuble

    The odds are already looking better than last year.

  • kenneth_moore

    I love KYMCO’s sense of humor. It’s great to see people having fun at work.

  • Old MOron

    Hmm, there’s no Team MO on the score sheets. Maybe our MOrons are riding with Project K-Pipe. With about three hours left to go, they were in 13th place. I’m guessing they had crash damage to repair or something.

    • TroySiahaan

      Yep, Team Kymco. And yes, crashes ruined our chances. The bike is one of the slowest in a straight line, but handles pretty darn well for what it is (slicks definitely helps!) I started the race, rode until the gas light came on – nearly 2 hours – and put us in 8th place. Then everything went downhill after that…

      • Old MOron

        Ever since your first story about the race with Hollywood Electrics, I’ve been doing the M1GP24 race with some friends. I couldn’t do a two-hour stint, though. Whew!

        • TroySiahaan

          You doing the M1GP race this year? Come out for the UMRA one next year. Grange is more fun, IMO.

          • Old MOron

            I don’t know what caused the split between M1GP and UMRA. And I don’t intent to start a thread about it here. Suffice it to say that the M1GP seems like a good group to me, concerned with safety, fun, and raising funds for charity. I like supporting them.

          • TroySiahaan

            I don’t know the details either, I just prefer Grange over Willow.

      • DickRuble

        And the final results? Nowhere to be found. The UMRA’s website and F*Book page suck ass.. and the latest endurance race is not on (this should be a lap dance app, it sucks that bad). The website has info on rules and race circuit, but no results. It sends you to mylaps, which doesn’t have the info. facebook has just garbage, which is no surprise.

        • TroySiahaan

          13th overall, 7th in class. Story forthcoming.