There’s been a lot of buzz about Kawasaki’s relentlessly teased H2 sportbike, but information with any details is thus far practically non-existent. The only things certain are that it will be powered by a supercharged inline-Four engine and packaged in a fully faired sportbike platform.

For more information, check out: 2015 Kawasakis Not Yet Announced.

2015 ZX-10R

Will the H2’s engine’s lineage include the ZX-10R?

2015 Z1000

Or the Z1000, as we originally anticipated?

But a little digging on the interwebs turned up in which we found this thread:

The source claims some sort of insider info, a friend of a friend thing, and he purports the supercharged engine will meet or exceed 225 crankshaft horsepower. Interestingly, the source says the H2’s inline-Four powerplant might be a bespoke design, neither the Z1000/Ninja 1000 roots we guessed  nor the ZX-10R’s.

Z1000 and ZX-10R Engines

Perhaps the H2’s engine will be the unholy spawn of the Z1000 (left) and the ZX-10R (right) that rises up to bludgeon them both in their sleep.

We’re not 100% sure if the engine will be an all-new design or a variant of one of Kawasaki’s two current liter-class mills, but, based on MO’s own conversations with Kawasaki insiders, we can believe the post’s closing line: “This thing will be absolutely the quickest and most powerful Kawasaki motorcycle of all time, by far.”

2015 Kawasaki H2 Engine

The 2015 Kawasaki H2 engine. Careful, it’ll cut ya.

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  • Michael Howard

    The engine will be custom-made for each individual owner? Damn.

    • Evans Brasfield

      OK, Mr. Smartypants.

    • Guest


  • Kevin

    I doubt that either of the existing motors has the ability to flow sufficient coolant for supercharging and a 225 hp output:

    • Steve Elliott

      Both of the existing motors have been turbocharged and put out over 225 hp already. So yes, it’s evident that the cooling system will handle a supercharger and 225 hp. Keep in mind the 225 hp can only be maintained for a matter of seconds, except possibly at Bonneville.

      • Kevin

        Without wanting to sound too critical of your analysis, which is correct to a point, I would like to point out that that a turbocharged engine is only on boost when there is sufficient heat energy in the exhaust gasses to spin the compressor, but a supercharger runs off the crankshaft and provides some compression (and the associated heat of compression) to the engine whenever the motor is running: There is a difference to the heat load the supercharger brings in place vs the heat load of a turbo in low load power applications:

    • Y.A.

      Ummm they can just get a bigger water pump. It’s not like a water pump draws hundreds of horsepower.

      • Kevin

        And it’s not like running more water through it will pick up any more heat if the surface area for the heat transfer is too limited:

        • Y.A.

          They could add a bigger radiator/fan too. And in low airflow conditions (i.e. traffic) it would not be in boost so the cooling requirements wouldn’t be much higher than the N/A version.

  • RandleMcMurphy

    Oh come on. 225HP? Really? Why?

    I for one would love for Kawasaki to do what Honda did. Take their big bad bikes from years ago and make them better. A Z900/Z1000 naked? That looks just like the originals but put out 100HP and have big dual discs up front with ABS? Electronic suspension?

    Sign me up.

  • little britches

    The latest leak on price has it in the Panigale S or R range, which should put it between $24-30K. That leaves me out!

  • Steve H.

    I feel somewhat deceived by the idea of a four cylinder H2. Like the new Camaro that looks nothing like the Camaros of my memory. Now the Challenger, that matches my memory.
    The H2 of my memory is a 3 cyl, two stroke screamer. I could accept the idea of a four stroke 3cyl, which would be a direct shot at Yamaha’s excellent FZ 09. Anything else is just the use of the H2 moniker to sell something totally different.

  • Enntense

    ..It’s going into a watercraft..

  • John

    Asphalt and Rubber calls you guys out big time !

  • Rijjko

    2250 HP and the fuel consumption of several cars? No, thanks 😀

  • Y.A.

    This is so blatantly fake… this + that goofy “forum” = how stupid you guys must think your audience is. Come on

  • halfkidding

    I thought forced induction was due to return with the advent of traction control and a fixed ratio centrifugal makes the most sense in that owners can’t mess with the boost. Heat transfer since this is part of the engine and out of the airflow plus the lack of an intercooler means boost must be pretty low.

    My idea was mid displacement bikes would get boost. Mild state of tune 600s making 100hp etc. (My dream has always been a modern CX650 turbo) But on a full liter hi performance engine, come on. How many can they sell and insurance OMG.

  • Luis Teixeira