During its presentation at Intermot, Kawasaki announced a new Z900, but we’d have to wait until EICMA to see it. Still, Kawasaki released a pair of images and some preliminary details with the caveat that they were still subject to change. Here’s what we know so far.

The Z900 is powered by a 16-valve 948cc Inline-Four claiming 123.6 hp. Kawasaki says the engine offers linear power delivery with a noticeable kick after 6000 rpm. The engine has a secondary balancer driven on the sixth web of the crankshaft to reduce some of the excess vibrations.

As they did with the Z1000, Kawasaki’s engineers performed acoustic testing to shape the airbox to tune the Z900’s intake note. The Z900’s intake note is a bit milder than the Z1000’s howl, but still carefully crafted to add to the riding experience.


The Z900 uses a new steel trellis frame that Kawasaki says weighs only 29.8 pounds, or about 3 pounds lighter than the the similarly new trellis on the 2017 Ninja 650. The extruded aluminum swingarm is also light, claiming just 8.6 pounds of unsprung weight. Kawasaki claims the Z900 has a curb weight of 464 pounds with ABS (and 460 pounds sans ABS).

A rebound and preload-adjustable shock is mounted with a linkage above the swingarm for mass centralization. Up front, the Z900 uses a 41mm upside-down fork with stepless rebound damping and spring preload adjustability.

Dual four-piston calipers squeeze the 300mm front rotors, with optional ABS from Nissin.

Other features include a 31.3-inch seat height, rubber-mounted bar ends, adjustable hand levers, LCD display with gear position indicator and Z-shaped LED taillights.

Follow the rest of our 2016 Intermot Show coverage for more information on new motorcycle announcements.

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  • HazardtoMyself

    So we have the Z800 at $8400 and the Z1000 at $12K MSRP, but can find year old Z1000s advertised for $10k new.

    The Z800 is 20lbs heavier than the Z1000. Z800 is 806cc and the Z1000 is 1043cc.
    Neither offer any modern electronics other than ABS. Add in the Z650 and if it weighs similar to the new Ninja 650 may be a full 100lbs lighter than the Z800 and maybe a little less expensive than the Ninja 650?

    Now we have the Z900 at 948cc. Looking forward for more info on how this will fit into the lineup. Is it going to be lighter than the Z800, any other new electronics, price point? I would think if they price it closer to the Z800 and make it lighter, they may kill the Z800. If it is priced close to the Z1000 but heavier like the Z800, what is the point?

    Guess I will say it again, bring us the Z300.

    • John B.

      I agree Kawasaki will need to sort out its naked lineup. My guess the 800 will be gone, and the Z650 will outsell the Z900 and Z1000 combined.

      • gjw1992

        And hopefully that retro Z900RS with a 70s style is also announced soon. Maybe at eicma?

        The z1000 should be dropped as well, or at least replaced by a sharper zx10 derived naked.

        • John B.

          I agree the Z1000 needs more sizzle. It’s been updated and is not going away this year. I do NOT have an acute eye for design, but the redesigned Z1000 looks like a Ninja 1000 to me.

      • HazardtoMyself

        I agree. I think the Z650 could sell very well. With the good reputation of the Ninja 650 and the hot naked/standard market, this naked variation should do really well.

    • Starmag

      You may be a hazard to yourself, but not to me. Good analysis.

    • denchung

      Kawasaki claims the Z900 weighs 464 pounds with ABS (and 460 pounds sans ABS) which would be much lighter than the Z800.

      • HazardtoMyself

        I would assume then it may be priced closer to the 1000. If I remember correctly part of the reason the 800 was so heavy was to help keep cost down.

        Based on initial reports the 900 just seems too close to the 1000. Maybe they are going to upsize the 1000 to a 1200 or 1300 to have a less expensive super duke competitor.

        Oh well, as you mentioned on the 650 thread doesn’t sound like its coming to N America anyway.

    • TheGreatViking

      Motorcycle companies these days are a bit confused. Too many similar bikes, sales slump, models get retired quickly, profits go down. They really need to hire some experienced car manufacture people and stream, refine and improve a paired down lineup.

  • Larry Kahn

    So no retro Z-1 thing?

    • Randy Darino

      my thoughts exactly.i guess the media got our hopes up.would have loved a modern KZ900.

    • Jim

      Same question from me. The recent depictions of the modern-classic version had me very interested.

      • denchung

        Given this new Z900 I think Kawasaki may want to give some separation before introducing any potential variants. But they might not if the “Z900RS” is significantly different. A classically-styled version might be a good contrast to this modern Z900.

  • SRMark

    That design is getting a bit long in the tooth. Time to get out a clean sheet.

  • Ingolf Stern

    wtf is teh point of this bike? the Z1000 and the Ninja 1000 ( I had a 2011 N 1000) are heavy bikes with big motors. there’s a million of those out there. we need one more minor variation? that’s like one more bar band covering John Cougar. Who cares?

    • Taijean Moodie

      This bike is lighter and cheaper. It was made to compete with the Yamaha fz09, inline 3 850cc vs inline 4 948cc