Kawasaki recently allowed us to ride the 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS, and and the innovative cruiser hybrid impressed both me and our female tester, Vicki Gray.

2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S First Ride Review – Female Perspective

The newest Vulcan not only breaks new ground as far as what a cruiser can look like, but also unveils Kawasaki’s Ergo-Fit system for tailoring the motorcycle’s rider triangle to the various body types of riders. In a nutshell, two handlebar options, three seat options, and three rider peg locations give tremendous flexibility in massaging the Vulcan S into a perfect fit for riders from 5-feet to over 6-feet tall.

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2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS – First Ride Review

After sampling the Vulcan S with two different riders on two different days, we think Kawasaki may have a hit on its hands. Watch the video to see and hear it in action.

Animated GIF of Vulcan Ergo-Fit Combinations

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  • Jeff LaLone

    I’m really excited by this bike. My dad got a 2002 Honda Shadow 1100 back in ’03, and I put probably 6,000 miles on it. I really like it, but it can’t lean in to corners much, the ergonomics are stretched a little too much for my 5’10” frame, and the engine runs out of steam too soon.

    My personal bike is a 2007 SV650S. I was looking for the non-S version, but this one was selling for too good a price. Two years and a few thousand miles later, it’s more aggressive than I want. I love that engine, but I hate taking the bike 20 miles up the Interstate to go to work. First my wrists get sore, then my upper inner thigh, then my neck from looking “up” all the time.

    On paper, this bike hits the sweet spot for me. If winter ever lets go of upstate NY, I’ll have to try and test ride one of these.

    • Reid

      My father has that same Honda. I’m about the same height as you, and, after I rode the bike for about two hours on Sunday, that thing made me more sore than any bike I’ve been on, mainly due to the stretched out ergos. This new Vulcan S might be the only cruiser I’d lay down money for just the fact that Kawasaki has the “ergo-fit” option. I don’t really need a cruiser or want one, but this would be it. Well, other than a Vmax, but I would surely be killed.

  • Darren

    Evans does this have the additional rubber engine mount like the new 650 Versys does? This seemed to have done a really good job of diminishing the vibration bikes with this engine usually have.

    • Disqusdmnj

      I remember reading that it is rubber-mounted somewhere, but double check to be sure.

      • Darren

        Starting with the 2012 650 they rubber mounted one of the mounts and it was still pretty buzzy. With the Versys 650 they went to two rubber mounts and reviewers have raved about how smooth it is since that change. Was interested in knowing if this has the two rubber mounts like the new Versys 650 or just one like the Ninja 650.

  • MrAkafful

    I wish more bikes had adjustable seats like this Kawasaki, I love this brand.