The category-straddling Kawasaki Versys 650 enters its third iteration and first major update of Kawasaki’s VERsatile SYStem. In 2015, the sporty yet friendly Versys 650 arrives in two forms, both of which feature a new, chiseled appearance that is much more handsome than previous versions. Its new nose also includes a larger windshield that is tool-lessly adjustable, and revised footpeg locations supply additional legroom. The LT version adds hardshell saddlebags and hand guards that expand its sport-touring capabilities.

2015 Kawasaki Versys 650/LT Preview

Following a day spent riding the Versys 650 over the twisty roads of Sicily and its Mt. Etna volcano, we’re convinced Kawi’s latest version is the best one yet. And, critically, it offers loads of value. The base Versys 650 retails for a reasonable $7,999, while the 650 LT demands just $700 extra to enjoy locking saddlebags and hand protection.

See below for the sights and sounds of riding the Versys 650 LT around the island of Sicily. Stay tuned for our video review of the 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT, coming soon.

2015 Kawasaki Versys 650/LT First Ride Review

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Kawasaki Communities

  • JMDonald

    Looks like a nice bike for the price.

  • Kenneth

    ‘Appreciate the video review, Sean. While I understand your connection to this model, I’d like to know why you’d consider trading-in your ’09 Versys for this 2015 over the new Yamaha FJ-09? Obviously there’s a difference in cost (though it seems fully- justified). Also, what has Kawasaki said about the big temperature difference you experienced between the left and right grip heaters? Thanks!

  • Old MOron

    Lots of thoughtful analysis. I expected nothing less. It took almost five minutes before you let us hear the bike, but it sounds pretty good. I can’t wait for the shootouts to commence. Keep up the good work, MOrons!

  • Hallvard Paulsen

    Big question is: What’s the best choice, a 650 or “full size” variant? (Personally I like Suzuki so this applies to Vstroms also).

    • That all depends on you. For me, I value nimbleness and corner speed, so the Versys 650 is my over the V1000, by far.

  • nickatnyt

    Great vid review, and the price is quite reasonable for a 2nd bike in my garage.