Honda‘s Thai subsidiary presented a futuristic-looking cafe racer concept at the 2017 Bangkok Motor Show called the 150SS Racer.

Few technical details were provided as the 150SS Racer is likely only intended to be a design exercise rather than a harbinger for a production model. The engine is a 150cc Single, likely based on the powerplant of the CBR150R offered in Thailand. The wheels are carbon fiber discs which presents an interesting visual contrast with the solid brake rotors. The fenders are also formed of carbon fiber.

Visually, the concept looks a bit like a mashup between a Honda Grom and the Husqvarna Vitpilen. The stubby tail and underslung exhaust look neat while the sculpted tank and radiator shroud give it a premium feel. A large white space under the subframe and the transparent panels alongside the seat give the sense the 150SS Racer is very light weight, though Honda did not provide any info on the concept’s mass.

Cameras are mounted to the tail and the front of the instrument unit above the headlight, though it’s unclear what purpose they serve other than to say “hey, it’s got cameras!” A rear camera might make sense on a futuristic bike if it replaces the mirrors, but with nowhere to display the image, that isn’t the case on this concept.

For more photos, visit Honda Thailand’s Facebook page.

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  • DickRuble

    The intern that designed this should be waterboarded by his manager.

    • denchung

      Really weird decision. It looks like there’s a blue graphic on it that could produce a visual effect if the wheels were spinning, but with the amount of white space around the engine and the transparent panels on the tail, it doesn’t make any sense for the wheels to be opaque.

      • Old MOron

        Look closely at the pics. Those wheels are actually translucent. Don’t know how functional they are, especially in a crosswind, but they look pretty badass.

        • SHSPVR

          No there carbon fiber

        • SteveSweetz

          That’s a reflection on glossy carbon fiber, not transparency. If it was transparent you’d see the brake rotor…

          • Old MOron

            I didn’t say “transparent”. I said “translucent”.
            There’s a difference.
            Just the same, you’re prolly right. Darnit.
            But if I agonize over the larger images on their FB page, I can almost convince myself 🙂

          • SteveSweetz

            I know the difference; it has diddly squat to do with my point and you still understood the communicated intent.

    • Craig Hoffman



    If only this was available in the late sixties. This platform is perfect for the GromWing.


    I perf the CRF150R motor as it has more power

  • mog

    From my industrial design point of view, the bike clearly defines the word ‘claptrap’.