Honda Canada announced it will offer the new CB300R that recently debuted at EICMA. The CB300R will arrive in Canadian showrooms this spring as an early 2019 model as a replacement for the CB300F. As of this writing, American Honda has yet to confirm whether the CB300R will be coming stateside.

EICMA: 2018 Honda CB125R and CB300R

The 2019 Honda CB300R is equipped with the liquid-cooled 286cc Single powering the naked CB300F and the CBR300R sportbike. The chassis, meanwhile, is completely new, and the styling shares the same “Neo Sports Café” aesthetic as the new CB1000R that also debuted at EICMA. Honda Canada did not release any performance figures, but in Europe, the CB300R claims 31 hp at 8500 rpm and 20.3 lb-ft. at 7500 rpm.

The CB300R (right) has a similar “Neo Sports Café” styling as the CB1000R (left).

Honda designed a new frame combining tubular and pressed steel, and added a steel plate swingarm designed with an irregularly shaped cross-section. According to Honda, the frame and swingarm are designed to offer high longitudinal rigidity.

Unlike the CBR300R’s and CB300F’s 37mm telescopic forks, the CB300R uses a 41mm upside-down fork with 5.1 inches of travel (half an inch more than the other 300 models). The rear suspension system is mostly similar, with a Pro-Link monoshock with spring preload adjustability and 4.2 inches of travel (0.1 more than the CB300F’s rear suspension).

The CB300R also gets a radial-mount four-piston caliper with a 296mm front rotor and a single-piston rear caliper with a 220mm disc. An IMU-controlled ABS system comes as standard.

The 53.2 inch wheelbase is shorter than the CB300F’s which should improve agility. A claimed curb weight of 315 pounds – 40 pounds lighter than the CB300F – should also make a noticeable difference with the CB300R. A big part of that weight difference, however, is due to a smaller fuel tank. The CB300R carries just 2.6 gallons of gas (compared to 3.4 gallons on the CB300F), which Honda claims will provide a range of about 186 miles.

At 31.5 inches, the CB300R’s saddle is 0.6 inches higher than on the CB300F and CBR300R which may be a concern to riders with shorter legs.

Other features of the CB300R include full LED lighting, rubber-mounted aluminum handlebar, and LCD instrumentation with speedometer, tachometer, fuel level gauge and gear position indicator.

Honda Canada has only confirmed a Candy Chromosphere Red paint job, while European markets will also get a choice of silver, matte black or glossy black.

The question remains, however, whether the CB300R will be offered in the U.S. American Honda has already confirmed the CB300F for the 2018 model year, but that announcement was made in September before the CB300R debuted.

If you’re Canadian, however, you’ll be able to get your hands on the CB300R in a couple of months. Canadian pricing remains to be determined.

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  • Starmag

    While thankfully less robo-bug-like, it still has a ugly “wasps stinger ” license plate bracket. The Japanese apparently just can’t help themselves.

    • Joe

      Then remove it. Almost all bikes have huge brackets, it’s regulations you should blame. The plate and signals have to be a certain height above the ground, hence the massive bracket.

      • Starmag

        Any other recommendations for breaking the law?

    • Born to Ride

      That’s why god made fender eliminators. It’ll be my first aftermarket purchase for the new STRS.

    • StripleStrom

      I’ve never understood why the plastic “fender” was such a big deal to anyone. I think a lot of the crap LED tail lights included with the eliminator kits look pretty stupid.

      • Born to Ride

        That’s why I just install the brackets and leave the turn signals in the box. Unless they are really nicely integrated like the kit I had on my SV650.

  • Alaskan18724

    Kind of a cute little bugger. If you’re into that sort of thing.

    • Allison Sullivan

      It is. I saw it at the local show, and it’s definitely much better looking than the CB1000R it was parked next to.

      Honda must be selling a ton of bikes in that segment, with the Rebel, the CB300F and the CB300R already crowded in there. Guess they think there’s room for everyone …

      • Born to Ride

        India and Thailand are their major market, not the US and Europe. These small displacement bikes sell by the hundreds of thousands in the third world.
        Also I’m genuinely curious, what don’t you like about the new CB1000R? I saw it at the Long Beach show and it was fit and finish perfection.

        • Allison Sullivan

          I dunno. Guess I prefer my cafes just plain retro instead of neo-retro … the proportions just looked off to me, all short and stubby. The 300 was much cleaner in the lines and all the proportions looked better.

          Taste is a weird thing indeed. And as I own the current CB1000R, I actually did want to like it, but it’s not my cup of matcha.

          • Born to Ride

            Except for the fact that Honda calls it a Cafe racer, I have a hard time seeing it as anything other than a thoroughly modern roadster. Of the current Japanese offerings to that market segment, to my eye it is so much more attractive that it isn’t even a comparison. And I like the GSXS1000!

  • Born to Ride

    Really surprised they didn’t do this one like the new Rebel and set it up for the chassis to accept the 500cc twin and the 300cc single. If they came out with the a new CB500 that had this design ethos, sub 400lb curb weight, and appropriately sized wheels and tires for its engine output, then I could see them having a huge seller on their hands.

    • KPC

      I agree with Born to Ride, a 330 pound 500cc twin with 50 RWHP would be a big hit. Screw 2 license requirements in Europe. a bike like that would rule the small displacement class. Who says smaller bike all have to be ‘beginner” bikes??

      • Born to Ride

        The Rebel 500 is 40 lbs heavier than the Rebel 300. Using that as a metric, the CB500R would be the exact same weight as last year’s CB300F, 355lb curb. That’d knock the Duke 390 right the hell off its pedestal.

    • Gail

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  • MotorbikeMike

    Wow, what a handsome motorcycle. New favorite looking beginner bike, the inverted forks with radial mount brake looks boss. Glad to see they brought the weight down too.

  • Old MOron

    Canadians are deservedly known as the nicest people in North America (certain British expats notwithstanding). I’m happy for them to get such a cool little bike.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      Rocky must be asleep. At least you called him British. “The best policy is to call the people British, unless you know them to be English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish or something else.” No need to start another World War 🙂

      • Old MOron

        Maybe Rockhead prefers to instigate than to be baited. I’m sure he’ll clobber me somewhere down the line. It’s all part of the fun.

      • Alaskan18724

        That’ll poke him right in the mantlepiece….

      • Eric Straordinary

        Referring to a Scot as a Welshman is usually good for a spittle-filled rant.

        • Born to Ride

          No, Old MOron called the Scot an Englishman. All manners of hell and vitriol were spewed regarding intelligence and levels of education.

          • Old MOron

            Just the same, Rockbottom’s a good cobber.

  • Alex

    Fantastic looking bike, far better than the current 300f. I hope to be in the market for my first bike soon and if this makes it here it would probably be at the top of the list.


    and what about the CBR250RR?

    • Born to Ride

      Made irrelevant by the displacement war going on in the beginner bike class.


        that’s a shame as it seems like a great bike!

  • StreetHawk

    NOW if Yamaha would just anti up and bring in the MT03 we’d be cooking.

  • jeff benson

    Down to just over 300 lbs. Cool. Finally to achieve the weights of that class of machines of the 70s.

    No seriously. For a while I thought that the 300cc class was going to near 500 lbs. Should be a fun ride. Now if they could just achieve the HP of a 1971 Yamaha 305….

  • Eric Straordinary

    That CB1000R looks really nice too, but I have a feeling that it is going to cost an arm and a leg.

  • Scott Silvers

    This modernistic/futuristic new Honda styling for the 1000cc and 300cc versions may make spending big bucks on a Husqvarna Vitpilen seem like a silly idea……well done Honda. Looks right on, in a 21st century sorta way.