Here’s an oddball two-wheeler that no one had asked for yet many are liking, Honda’s X-ADV scooter. Using the 745cc parallel-Twin with a dual-clutch transmission from the NC700/750 series, the X combines scooter ease of use with splashes of adventure-bike ruggedness.

2017 Honda X-ADV Preview

Motorcycle elements for this burly scooter include long-travel suspension with a 41mm inverted fork, a 17-inch wire-spoke front wheel with radial-mount four-piston calipers, adjustable windscreen and aluminum bash plate. The only thing squelching our enthusiasm for the X-ADV is that it hasn’t yet been confirmed to be imported to the U.S.

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Honda Communities

  • sixlotus

    Honda releases anything with that 745cc engine w/ dct in America, and I’ll buy it. I love my 599 and all, but I’m very interested in that powertrain combo.

  • SRMark

    It would be nice if they grafted the butt-end of the Big Ruckus on it.

  • gjw1992

    Regardless of the adventure hype, this sounds like a better scooter than the Integra. The existing ‘normal’ nc750 based scoot. More storage, better suspension for potholed city roads. No doubt it’ll be competing with the bmw 650s on price.