After teasing us with a couple of videos, Honda announced its adventure-styled scooter will enter production bearing the name “X-ADV” (which we were the first to report). The X-ADV was first previewed by the City Adventure concept at last year’s EICMA show so it’s no surprise that the production model will make its debut at this year’s show in Milan.

The X-ADV maintains the maxi-scooter shape but with hand guards, long-travel suspension, and a tall riding posture for some light off-road riding. The windscreen is adjustable between five positions and Honda says the storage space has enough room for an off-road style helmet.

From what we saw from the City Adventure concept, the X-ADV is based on Honda’s NC750 platform, likely sharing the same 745cc engine with a 270 degree crank and its twin cylinders banked forward at a 55-degree slant. Honda says its Dual Clutch Transmission will be offered as standard.


We’ll have more information and specifications when Honda presents the X-ADV Nov. 8 at EICMA.

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Honda Communities

  • JMDonald

    This machine will influence the 1% to commit even more environmental crimes than they already do. We should expect the formation of criminal gangs not unlike MS-13 or the Norteños. Honda, a bad influence on normally good decent riders. Have they no conscience?

    • Starmag

      “You meet the nicest Nortenos on a Honda”.

      • Larry Kahn

        Huh, all this time I thought the Nortenos were a Norton riders club..

        • Starmag

          Well, I relish the role of informative wiseass. You’re welcome.

  • DickRuble

    I hope they find a way to fit a real suspension on this thing and keep the weight close to 400lbs. Could be the do-it-all bike.

  • Craig Hoffman

    This will be great on the crowded potholed and cobblestone city streets. Riding in such an environment is an adventure all its own. It won’t sell in ‘Merica, but it will in Europe.

    • DickRuble

      Except they don’t need it in Europe, they don’t have potholes, or at least nothing comparable to those of Boston.

  • Gabriel Owens

    Geez I want one.

  • desselle0010

    Honda can see the future. Gas will soon be 5 bucks a gal and people will be looking for cheap transportation for running around town and commuting to work.