Harley-Davidson’s 2014 model-range was comprehensively overhauled, as part of the company’s “Project Rushmore,” which endowed many of their bikes with upgraded engines, suspension, brakes and infotainment.  When the 2014 bikes were revealed, the shark-nosed Road Glide – previously a popular model – was a glaring omission from the line-up.

According to a memo sent out to Harley-Davidson dealers, the Road Glide was taking a hiatus for 2014 as The Motor Company replaces the fairing tooling. But fear not as an overhauled Road Glide is heading back into the lineup – as we can see in these photos – and it will share many of the Project Rushmore technical updates given to its siblings 12 months ago.


Powered by the firm’s air-cooled, 103cu-in High Output Twin Cam 103 engine rather than the partially-water-cooled “Twin-Cooled” motor used in some of the other Rushmore models, the Road Glide should deliver numbers almost identical to the Street Glide Special we tested late last year: 77 horsepower at 5000 rpm and 92 ft-lb of torque at 3800 rpm.

Compared to the old, 2013-model Road Glide, the new version has upgraded brakes with ABS and the firm’s ‘Reflex’ linked braking system to connect the front and rear, an improved fork, and a 19-inch front wheel instead of an 18-incher.

But it’s the new nose that’s the main talking point. While carrying over the classic shark-nose shape, its twin headlights are now LED units behind a single Plexiglas front cover, with air intakes on either side. It’s likely that these intakes, as well as the new slot beneath the low-cut screen, are part of a pressure-equalizing system similar to the one that debuted on the 2014 Street Glide. This opens or closes the screen duct at the touch of a button to alter the airflow behind the fairing, reducing buffeting at speed.


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  • WalterFeldman

    Given the hiatus I was expecting that it would at least get an electric windshield.

  • Trinity Bruce

    So, apparently, de-form(ed) also follows function. I never could quite dig the looks of the Road Glide. Technically, I get it. Aesthetically, it’s just not my thing.

    • Guest

      There will not be a Road Glide Ultra this next year. There is a FLTRX and a FLTRXS. (A custom and a special).

    • rick

      A lot of people do not like the road glide look but it grew on me. Look at it this way how many people have a road glide compared to the other touring bikes in hd line up I’m not wanting to be like others also to the others certainly street glide why try and be or look like a bad ass if your not. I had a electric glide ultra for about two years had 35000 miles on it while I had a tire and bearing replaced I asked if I could test the road glide ultra the rest is history. If you do any riding and actually ride long for daily trips or a journey the road glide ultra is hands down the best riding motorcycle harley Davidson has to offer so smooth no air push like the bat wing no fighting the handle bars I ride a little rougher than most meaning I ride twisted curves to the floor boards or exhaust I absolutely love the road glide ultra. You can do one handed turns if you like with ease you don’t have the weight of the fairing. In short please don’t judge a bike by its cover at least ride one and judge I’ve been on many and several thousand miles just give it a ride sir you will not be disappointed. Also I hate riding interstate but sometimes you have to this bike passing tractor trailers and cars no push from surrounding winds. Thanks for your post though

      • Shaw1960

        I owned an ’09 Ultra, just to say I’ve had HD experiences. I currently ride a Honda F6B, and I put an 11″ windscreen to replace the 3″ or whatever it came with, before I rode it Mexico to Canada last Labor Day weekend. I like long distance rides, I’m kind of spoiled about the windscreen, like I want the wind, rain, and bugs to go over my head, and I like the Road Glide! Forget why I didn’t get one when I bought that Ultra…oh, my wife likes the cushy seat, but she doesn’t ride any more (she has her M license, but she’s lost her taste for riding). You should try renting a Road Glide for a day, like Rick said, above. I have; it’s fun to compare for 24 hours for a hundred bucks, say when you’re in Vegas and have an extra day to ride out to Valley of Fire State Park. Worth it. The Honda’s nice, too, if you’re not straight HD-Only rider. No maintenance issues I’ve ever had, about 118 hp out of the box, & around 125 ft/lbs torque, rather than the new fabulous ultra-power Rushmore 77 horsepower engines. Just sayin’. Everyone’s different. I love the ‘014 Street Glide I rode at International Motorcycle Show, Long Beach, 2013. I’d buy one. But like I say, I like long rides, listening to Pandora Radio on usb port, etc. Ride safe on whatever you ride. See you on the road.

  • Pa Blo

    Awesome! Will be buying my 4th RG in the next month! Incorporating the Project Rushmore upgrades and the redesigned fairing for less rider wind buffeting, it will be a sweet ride.

  • Although I like what HD has done and will likely buy one I am disappointed that they missed an opportunity to add the water cooling option to the Road Glide. I feel this could have easily been accomplished with a radiator mounted between the frame front down tubes similar to how other manufactures mount them and how it is mounted on the Vrod. They could have extended the faring down to partially cover the sides or had added a section that would have blended into the upper.

    • Kevin

      I suspect that the Road Glide Ultra will probably have the Twin Cooled motor as it already uses the same lower faring the EG Ultra uses

      • Double

        There will only be a FLTRX and FLTRXS for 2015 (a custom and a special).

        • Kevin

          Do you have a source for that?

          • Double

            There isn’t a source yet, Wait until august to hear it publically.

          • Pa Blo

            What Double states is accurate

    • Aaron Thompson

      I’ve never had a problem with a Harley Engine, have had several liquid cooled bikes from other manufacturers and had nothing but problems.

    • My bet is that the production bike has the Revolution motor from the V-Rod.

  • Jamo11

    I want water cooling.

  • cynic44

    Glad I got my 2013… It looks like it has buck teeth and an overbite.

  • dedahneeb

    What an ugly bike? Good luck with that HD…

  • I would be surprised if the production version didn’t have the Revolution engine found on the V-Rod. Not sure about the styling changes; was hoping for more than what’s shown here.

  • craigk

    I like it,I like my 2007 more,cause it`s paid for,I have to see one on the floor to make better judgement

  • jpooch00

    Still the ugly duckling it always has been and always will be!

  • cathries
  • cathries