Last week you read the book, now see the Feature Film shot on location in exotic Lanzarote in glorious digital color! Okay, it’s more of a 5-minute video. Some of it is me blathering, but most of it is actual Ducati engineers who built this thing talking about it in their own words: Marco Sairu, Paolo Quatrino and Federico Sabbioni. Also some nice running footage – again some of it me, and some of it a professional rider. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments that won’t dent my fragile ego.

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  • Andrew

    With the DVT version of this bike, the FJ-09, the S1000XR, and the Super Duke tourer that’s been spotted in testing, touring is about to become a lot more fun.

  • Old MOron

    Since the engineers were good sports about delivering all that technical talk in English, you could’ve reciprocated by making a few exclamations in Italian. “Mama mia, that’s a gooda bikea! Vaffanculo if you don’t like it.” Oh well, I’m sure you made some exclamations at the end of your massage. Well done, JB.

    • john burns

      we stayed at the kind of place where you could get a very nice massage, but that would’ve violated my work ethic. Mark Tuttle made a prescient observation, tho: The more you pay for a massage, the less likely you are to have a happy ending.

      • Old MOron

        And for the record, my crass joke was in no way intended to besmirch your work ethic.

      • Alan G

        so a, you a like a da bike?

  • krishan adhikari

    John why so serious 🙂

  • JMDonald

    Well done. If I am not mistaken Interpol has an extended presence in Spain to better enable the capture of rogue journalists that are committing global crimes. These videos are the sort of thing that will eventually lead to your arrest and subsequent conviction. Tread lightly my friend.

  • Stephen Miller

    Why is it that when I get to a point in my life where I can afford a bike like this, I can’t rationalize it?

    • Christopher Zylstra

      I know, huh? Me too. So I decided, screw it, I’m not gonna try and just go buy the damn bike. Ha! Dude try it, you’ll love it…. (and bike’s great too, but actually got a Husqvarna Nuda – damn I love saying that… Husqvarna Nuda…Husqvarna Nuda and if I get the bug to travel somewhere at same time as opportunity, then I’d get a Honda Interceptor frankly. PS I live in Amsterdam so different frame of reference I suppose. BMW? Yes, lovely but everybody, I mean everybody rides them here and as transplanted N. American bikes for me partly, and importantly, about being a little different than the other guy.)