The S1000RR was a landmark model for BMW when it was first introduced in 2009, a new high-performance Inline-Four sportbike for a company that established its bona fides in Boxer-Twin adventure bikes. Since then, the S1000RR has been a perennial favorite for MO’s annual superbike shootouts, even against brand new contenders despite only receiving small updates in 2012 and 2015.

After spawning a standard and sport-touring follow-ups in the S1000R and S1000XR, not to mention some higher-spec limited production variants in the HP4 and carbon fiber HP4 RACE, it’s about time the S1000RR gets a full update. We may not have to wait much longer, as a heavily updated pre-production S1000RR was recently spotted undergoing tests by spy photographers.


Visually, the engine is different from the current S1000RR’s powerplant. It appears to be very narrow. almost like a Triple, but the four header pipes reveal that it’s another inline-Four, so it’ll again displace just under 1000cc. We expect it will, like the current iteration, do without a vibration-quelling counterbalance to extract maximum power. Expect a factory rating above 200 horsepower.


Header pipes merge into a collector presumably housing a catalytic converter before dumping into a sizable muffler pre-chamber that helps reduce the size of the actual muffler that sits alongside the new swingarm. The smaller-diameter pipe exiting under a larger one is curious. Also, note how the exhaust chambers aren’t surrounded by a bellypan fairing, which should help them shed heat.

The chassis also underwent extensive changes as well. The subframe is a new trellis design, and the swingarm’s shape now curves downward like on the HP4 RACE instead of the current S1000RR’s upward-curving swingarm. Very little of the frame is visible in the photos, but the part that is visible in the gap in the left fairings has a distinctly different shape from the current S1000RR’s frame.

Speaking of the fairing, the bodywork maintains the S1000RR’s asymmetrical openings, with revised gill-shaped cut-outs on the right side. From the front, however, BMW has finally ditched the asymmetric headlight design for a matching set of lights bookending a centralized ram-air duct. Turnsignals are integrated into the mirrors. A large exhaust chamber under the engine allows for a relatively small muffler placed along the right side.


Electronic controls and assists will play an integral role in a new RR, so expect it to be fitted with a six-axis IMU to enable top-level traction control and a form of cornering ABS. A semi-active suspension likely will again be offered, at least as an option like the current model. Instrumentation is sure to transition to a color TFT gauge panel.

So, just when we were thinking superbike development had reached its zenith, now we must prepare ourselves for re-racking the latest literbikes for yet another shootout! Keep it tuned to MO, as further details are expected in advance of the big moto shows this autumn.


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  • DickRuble

    All the electronic gizmos won’t compensate for the fact that the test rider looks like he’s humping a chihuahua. His wrists are on his knees. Make the bike any smaller and he’ll have a hard time telling which is the clip-on and which is not.

    • Born to Ride

      Ergos do indeed look horrific. Surprising considering that historically the lazy eyed beemer has been the comfort champ in the superbike class.

      • Old MOron

        Maybe BMW is planning to recruit Dani Pedrosa for a run at the WSBK title.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      You do have a way with words 🙂

    • Roy Bentz

      its the new fad, compact ergo like a 600. like the r1 and rsv4.

  • 12er

    Looks like me on it…

  • Old MOron

    How nice of the test rider to make sure that Herr Höhne could take his “spy shots” from all angles. He even stopped for the camera and pretended to fiddle with the dash.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      These look like studio shots to me. There are no trees, bushes or even a road. “Spy shots” my foot.

      • Bladeknight

        Not sure you guys are trolling or retarded af. Those photos was photophoped, they removed background for more clarity.

        • Sayyed Bashir

          I have never seen spy shots being photoshopped before. The pictures are perfectly lighted from every angle and have a perfect shadow on the ground. Too perfect to be “spy shots”.

        • Old MOron

          LOL, they shopped out the background so we wouldn’t see the camera crew, the cables and light panels, etc.

  • John B.

    A color TFT display alone might have been enough to win this year’s shootout. I suspect this motorcycle will win the next superbike shootout. Good times!

    • Sayyed Bashir

      Yes, the 3/4 size superbike shootout.

      • DickRuble

        Yes, 3/4 bike, that’s what it is.

  • hasty hughie

    ahh, could someone photo shop out the rider and superimpose the image on another bike, say the out going s1000rr and that will tell where the ergos have changed, cuz it looks like that is one big guy, so is it small bike or a big rider?

    • Kevin Duke

      It’s probably safe to say the ergos will be nearly identical to the current RR.

  • Bladeknight

    Just received my 2017 BMW S 1000 RR. Nah, my wallet hurts.

  • armen

    For the love of God, can u pay someone 100$ to make a gallery for you?.
    It takes one hour to watch 5 photos. WTF ???

  • Craig Hoffman

    I guess I am getting old as intensely focused bikes like this hold no interest for me. Just gimme a stout running bike with an interesting/entertaining engine, comfy all day ergos and a few clicks back from cutting edge razor handling for all day romps on the street. Yep, just give me a KTM 1290R Superduke. Would prefer that machine 10x over this one.

    This makes me wonder – who buys these bikes? Younger types generally do not have the money, and older types like me are generally a bit fat and cranky, and not interested in folding themselves up to fit on a tiny bike like this. Since I have kids in college and as a result FU money is in short supply, the modded ’06 FZ1 will continue to serve.

    I will admire this BMW for what it is and what it can do, but like Charlize Theron, another sexy high performance model whom I also admire from afar, I won’t be riding it anytime soon…

    • Bryan Spears

      Agreed. Mostly. I would go further down the old man road and say that the 1290 has too much motor. Hoping to snag a 790R next year.

    • BDan75

      Everybody’s different, I guess, but as an early-40s owner who spent his youth avoiding anything with clip-ons, I was surprised at how tolerable the bike is for street use…and I’m 6’1″ and 220+. I decided I wanted to own at least one supersport before I got too old, and figured I was in for torture, but that really hasn’t been the case. I don’t get a lot of pressure on my wrists, and it’s easy to hit the cruise and and take a break for a minute. At least for my build, it’s vastly more comfortable than the K1300S I briefly owned, surprisingly. That thing just killed my wrists, despite its nominally more relaxed ergos.

      If you spring for the dynamic suspension, you can soften up the “sport” mode settings and switch between race bike and couch (relatively speaking) at the touch of a button.

      Stop-and-go traffic in hot weather is no fun, but it doesn’t cook you too badly. But full-throttle acceleration above 10,000 rpm easily beats any other thrill I’ve had in riding.

      Sorry if I sound like a BMW ad. I’m glad I decided to get the sportbike thing out of my system, anyway.

    • Randy

      At 42 and being someone who only typically does 2-3 hour rides, I buy them. I’ve had two S1000RR’s, a 2010 and now a 2016. I tried a K1300S in between and couldn’t stand it. Had it less than a year. Too heavy and handled like a turd. I’ll ride sport bikes until my body can’t take it anymore and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

      • gjw1992

        Agree on the k1300s – borrowed one just for a day while my bike was in for service, and was really disappointed. So long, heavy, not even that comfy. Expected a long distance GT, more an oil tanker.

    • Born to Ride

      In my experience? Older, more experienced riders with plenty of cash. I see plenty of them at my local sport bike hangouts and seldom is the rider under 40 years old. Although this is even more the case with the Panigale. Aaaall the old guys have to have one of those. I saw 8 different grey haired panigale owners on Palomar one day. They are mostly wicked fast riders too!

    • lennon2017

      Gone are the days when supersports sold in the tons. They’re more technical achievement and testing vehicles for trickling down components to street bikes. The S1000s and Panigales get accolades and moto journos can’t pass the chance to track 200hp missiles, but when abs and tc hit the bonnevilles etc, that’s where the gravy is. That said, BMW’s best selling ride going many years now is the GS, and that ain’t cheap. So discount everything anyone says.

  • hunkyleepickle

    Thanks for putting a giant cat converter under the bike BMW, so those who wish to have to jump thru endless expensive hoops to decat our bikes….. Aprilia has it right, put all the shite in the silencer so it can be easily be dumped in the first week of ownership!

    • Born to Ride

      Suzuki too, but look at the ration of shit they get on the new GSXR about how big and ugly the can is.

  • HeDidn’tWeDid

    At least BMW uses normal-sized test riders. Now I know how ridiculous I am going to look 🙂

    • gjw1992

      No worse than Korporal Schultz does. But since he is sat so far forward, hands and knees together so to speak, all his weight isn’t quite on his wrists. Minibike like, but not intolerable I’d guess.

      Roll on the s1000r derivative!

  • Frank

    Is that the BMW pit bike?

  • Metallic Munna

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