Some of you may not be familiar with SSR motorcycles, but with 200 dealerships across America, the company is steadily establishing itself within the industry. At AIMExpo 2016, Tom Roderick visited the SSR booth, where he saw first hand some of the cool new models the company will be releasing soon, including the Buccaneer Cafe and Buccaneer Classic. Both are powered by 250cc, air-cooled V-Twins with stylish designs and attractive price tags. Other models include the scrambler-style XF250-DT and custom-looking XF250 Snake Eyes. Both are powered by a 250cc Single. Rounding out the range are the Lazer 6 moped and SEEV-800 electric scooter.

In other news, select SSR dealers are also distributing Benelli motorcycles in North America. It’s great to see the iconic Italian brand making a return to the U.S., and it’s doing so with 300cc and 600cc versions of its Tornado TNT naked bikes that are available now, along with a 302R fully-faired sporty bike to be available soon.

See Tom’s video below where he gives his impressions on the SSR and Benelli lineup.

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  • James D. Becker

    Interesting! Not once was the word Chinese mentioned in the video. The Benelli has a Chinese engine. The other bikes are Chinese. The only thing Italian is the name, but they do look cool!

  • Old MOron

    Darnit! Very interested in the return of Benelli, but can’t get the video on work computer.

  • Starmag

    I really liked those 250 v-twins, but those all looked good for a company I’ve never heard of. Benelli’s looked good also but not as distinctive as some of their last models.

    Real pro and informative video.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    Wow, there’s a SSR dealer in my tiny town. They’re sold through a golf cart store. I might have to stop by sometime just to check it out.

  • JMDonald

    My neighbor growing up had a Benelli mini bike. I saw a Benelli 6 cylinder at the Ace last May. That is all I know about Benelli. I don’t know anything about SSR.

  • Old MOron

    I like the SSR’s. Those are cool little bikes. Except for one thing: that Buccaneer Cafe is a blatant rip-off of Guzzi’s V7 Racer.

  • Numbone

    It just so happens I came across a new Benelli Tornado TNT 300 today in a scooter rental shop in Maui. I tried to rent it but it was already down for repairs. Seriously. More crap I guess. There are plenty of nice bikes out there these days but I’ve yet to see one come from China.

  • Smallwheels

    I want the SSR Lazer 6. All it needs is some kind of rear rack for hauling things. I’ve got an SSR Razkull 125. It is fun but it doesn’t have enough miles on it yet to comment on reliability. There is no rear rack and one isn’t available from SSR. If it had saddlebag supports it would be a useful motorcycle. Until it gets them I’ll be hauling my shopping items in a backpack. That means more trips to the store. I don’t own a car and prefer little motorcycles for city riding.