Electric motorcycle maker Alta Motors is set to double its model lineup with the addition of R-spec versions of its Redshift MX motocrosser, Redshift EX enduro bike and Redshift SM supermoto.

According to filings submitted to NHTSA, Alta Motors will begin producing the Redshift MXR, Redshift EXR and Redshift SMR during this quarter. The new R models will have a slight change to the chemistry in their lithium-ion battery packs.

According to the filings, the changes are to improve the Alta Pack’s thermal properties, claiming superior performance while not having any effect on weigh or overall power. The filings also claim no effect on range, though they do indicate a slight drop in the battery’s capacity from 5.8 kWh to 5.7 kWh.

It’s unclear however whether the R variants will have any changes to the chassis of any of the three models, such as upgraded suspension systems.

The addition of the new models will come just as Alta announced significant price drops of several thousand dollars on its existing models. The 2018 Alta Redshift MX is now priced at $10,495 (from $14,995), the Alta Redshift EX is priced at $12,995 (from $15,495) and the Alta Redshift SM now goes for $13,495 (from $15,495). While the price drop on the existing models is welcome on its own merits, it also allows for Alta to add a line of R models at a higher price point.

We expect Alta Motors to make an official announcement on its new R models soon. Check back here on Motorcycle.com for more information as it becomes available.


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  • spiff

    I would really like to see these guys find their place/success in the industry. A good product from humble beginnings .

    • David K

      These may be the best battery mx bikes out there, but I still wouldn’t pay that kind of money for an off-road bike. I don’t see them selling in big numbers anytime soon unless they lobby a politician on how to make internal combustion engines illegal.

      • Born to Ride

        2000$ more than a 250R model from Japan and you can ride it all year around without pissing off neighbors or locals. I’m sure it qualifies for a green sticker here in California. Only thing that sucks is you probably need two batteries to get a full track day out of one. And you can’t stray too far from base camp if you’re in the desert.

      • Mary

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      • spiff

        I want one, I just don’t have the dough.

      • Campi the Bat

        It’s priced right for going out to Milestone or Glen Helen and embarrassing a few middle-aged dudes on their KTMs.

      • Vincent Swendsen

        This is also what will drive sales. http://blog.motorcycle.com/2017/12/20/motorcycle-news/pro-riders-go-electric-with-alta-motors-redshift-platform/
        The first time an electric motorcycle competes on a supercross track and beats everything else out there.

        • Andy Wright

          Would be a similar feat to when Doug Henry beat all the 2-stokers back in 1997 and the dawn of the 4-stroke MX bike was started. These electric’s have a place now for all who love the sport.

        • jeff benson

          Unless they add a couple of laps. Lol.

  • Old MOron

    Darnit, they’re still too expensive.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Cool video here if you have not seen it. These bikes are for real.