Top 10 States for Motorcycle Theft

Where you live is one of the most important factors insurance companies use in determining your premium. Why? As with age, experience, the type of bike you ride and every other factor considered in computing your rate, where you live comes into the equation for one simple reason: risk.

Statistics show that some areas have higher crime rates than others. So if a higher crime rate equals a higher risk of damage to or loss of your property, it will cost you more to insure anything you own. And that includes your motorcycle. If your motorcycle resides in a location where statistics prove it’s at a greater risk for damage or theft, insurance companies are going to want you to pay a higher premium for coverage.

Overall, 2011 saw 46,667 motorcycle thefts in the US (including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.), according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). Interestingly, that number is down 6% from the prior year – welcome news, as the Motorcycle Industry Council says total motorcycle sales are on the rise, albeit slightly (0.3%).

The list below shows the Top 10 states with the highest rate of motorcycle theft in 2011 (Total number of thefts and most targeted brand in parentheses). Worth noting: these 10 states accounted for 25,983 thefts in 2011 – fully 56% of the total. If you’re trying to insure a bike in one of these states, expect to pay more. Still, experts say things like keeping your motorcycle garaged and hooking up a recovery system such as LoJack will have a positive effect on your premium.

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  • Brett Saylor

    Because we are a bunch a drunks and we need a DUI machine

    • F R Burdett

      I think you are RIGHT about that, 308 Holes!
      They have become HUGE on large college and university campuses!
      Easy to go around large campuses for nearly nothing, and can go into town too!
      BUT… you can STILL get hit for DUI!!

  • Scott Holbrooks

    I have an Idea about the Roketa thefts in Indiana. Normally I am only there in Feb for Dealer Expo, but this year I went over during warm weather for the MSF IRETS and MotoGP. There are SCORES of cheap scooters running around the inner city, urban environment. You do not need a tag, license, or insurance for a small scooter, they are basically considered a bicycle. Super cheap transportation! Perhaps Roketas are easy to hot wire and there is a strong dealer there pumping out a few hundred a year. It would not take many bikes to be on the top of the list and with no title/tag requirement it would be easy just to ride what you stole and not have to worry about being “hassled by the man”

    • Brett Saylor

      I cant believe i made it to to this list a year later. Damn you Indiana. Although it wasn’t a scooter it was my 09 CBR but ill give it to the boys blue getting it back the same day with minor damage

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  • F R Burdett

    I would think the higher numbers are for 1000cc bikes! [GSX-R1000, R1, CBR1000]
    There are far more of them, and custom paint, or ‘wrap kits’, can quickly disguise them!
    And a wider ‘re-sale market’ as well.

  • F R Burdett

    No surprise that GA is in the Top 10…year around riding conditions, LOTS of Great Roads to ride, all over the State depending on the type of riding you like — long, scenic country roads, ocean-front, and LOTS of GREAT N.GA Mountain Roads!
    Even though we don’t have nearly the population of some other States, motorcycles are EVERYWHERE here, in all sizes and configurations!

  • F R Burdett

    52 States..?
    I thought there were 57! That is how many our President said there were! (-:

    • Tinwoods

      You mean our former President, “Dopey” Bush, Jr. said that? Pretty sure the Harvard Law School graduate currently serving didn’t, but then again I’m not clouded with racism.

      • F R Burdett

        No, Tinwoods, it WAS Mr. Obama that said, while he was campaigning for his first term, that he thought he had been to all 57 States during his Campaign…
        BTW — “racism” has nothing to do anything in this discussion!
        Am I “clouded with racism” because I would dare to point out a mistake by Mr. Obama…? I would ‘razz’ my own Brother if he made a gaff like that…
        I simply made a TRUE remark, and it is a SHAME that someone who is/was running for President, and DID graduate from Harvard, would not even know how many States are in America!
        Note also, that GW Bush and W “Dopey” Bush also graduated from Harvard… and they ALSO graduated from Officer School and Flight School…and GW even Served in Combat duty!
        And they didn’t have all of their school records SEALED…

  • What? Why am I in the North Carolina photo? Am I supposed to be a thief fleeing from the cops? That photo was taken at the CBR600RR launch in 2007, at Barber, which is in Alabama, not NC.