Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles To Insure

Recently, we published a story on the least expensive motorcycles to insure. In it, the bikes were broken down by category, knowing that consumers aren’t interested in a list entirely of small-displacement beginner bikes. We also kept the list to current models (2013 in this case) available in the United States.

This time we’re going the other direction. Here we have the Top Ten most expensive motorcycles to insure. Yes, we could have listed ten uber-expensive and super-rare motorcycles which cost a fortune to insure, but in the name of practicality this list is comprised of mass produced 2013 models the majority of folks can actually buy.

Again, we averaged quotes from different insurance providers to come up with our rankings. Our fictitious rider is a 30 year-old male, licensed for ten years, with a clean record living in Los Angeles. As always, shop around with your own and other insurance providers to get rate quotes tailored for you and your situation.

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  • Daniel Caruso

    Surprise to see the Desmosedici not on the list.. When I tried insuring my D16rr no one would insure it but State Farm, AAA, and Gieco. I pay the same rate for that and my RSV4 both are really expensive…

  • What a surprise to see so many insurance company advertisements on the pages of this article; insurance companies have done more to damage the economy than any other industry, save for energy companies.

    • Rob

      Insurance companies offer protection when times go bad… its quite obvious that when we go through a terrible recession, that insurance companies will perform poorly. By its nature, insurance is tied to financial products and the financial industry. Don’t blame the insurance companies. There are many good ones on this site!!

  • D H

    I owned two bikes and both of them made the list. Electra Glide Ultra Limited and GSX-R 1000. It’s time to retire these toys and just have wet dreams instead

  • Rob

    Not surprising at all to see the sportbikes at the top of the list.

  • Alex

    Thought I would see the bmw s1000rr or atleast the bmw hp4

  • JaxWag3n

    What about EBR’s $46k RS

  • XXJunebugJo

    I’m actually surprised the zx14 is listed, only because my husband pays less for his 2012 zx14r than he did when he had a 2011 zx10r.