• JMDonald

    Who doesn’t like a happy ending? I should be so lucky. Glad to see a wreck story that ended well.

  • TheSeaward

    Headlight looks fantastic.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    It would be really cool to see the final calculations for OEM and aftermarket repair routes.
    P.S. OEM prices are shocking. Especially for europeans. Some electronic rear shocks for BMW – $3K+, plastic side fairing – $950 each, clutch – $850 a set. Seriously? The whole bike would be like $100K if built from parts…

    • kenneth_moore

      That’s why so many sport bikes get stolen. My friend’s CBRR was stolen on a Tuesday night and we were looking at her body panels, seat, forks, etc. on Craigslist Wednesday afternoon. The cops wouldn’t lift a finger unless she showed them “a list of serial numbers that matched serial numbers on the parts for sale.” Since 98% of bike parts don’t have serial numbers, you’re SOL, even if your stolen parts have distinguishing marks like decals or scratches that you can identify.

      I’m sure the assholes who swiped my friend’s bike made more money on her parts than her insurance company paid out..

    • Jon Jones

      Ageed. Parts prices are just ridiculous. What a bunch of gouging jerks.

  • Tinwoods

    About a month ago I crashed here in Hollywood (another cellphone-distracted driver), and me and bike slid 78-feet on the hard asphalt. Thanks to my dual frame sliders on each side of the bike, the bike was back to its pre-crash state for less than $200. Me? I didn’t quite come out as well and spent three days in the hospital.

  • krishan adhikari

    dosen’t insurance cover repairs? in india insurance takes care of most expenses, but its a pain to get the claim through

    • Evans Brasfield

      In the US, financial responsibility varies from state to state. Frequently, we have the option of only carrying liability insurance if you have no lien on your bike’s title. I assume it is the same in Canada.

  • Navroze Contractor

    Thank you for this article. I too own a Monster and ride around quite a bit, have put in over 20,000km in two years..and am still scared of spilling it. What baffles me after riding bikes for 5 decades is, why are the OEM parts so expensive? When they make bikes in zillions, surely they must know what parts to produce in the same amounts.. the service parts and consumables (normal tip overs) at least. What IS this rip-off after the sales have been done?

  • john phyyt

    Or you could ride it with bent handlebars and road rash. and only fix what is broke. . Remember you will have to do the same thing again after the next crash.