Really, $20,000 doesn’t seem at all out of line for the very bike Tony le Tigre won five Superbike races on last season, especially given that a standard GSX-R1000R sells for over $17k. This one makes 221 rear-wheel horses, according to the ad, and weighs 370 pounds. It’s only got 300 miles on it.

As we used to say in Kansas City, it got’s: a hand-formed Yoshimura fuel tank, billet subframe, massive super bike radiator, Yoshimura full Ti exhaust system and numerous other Yoshimura parts, MotoGP spec Brembo radial brake calipers and 330mm superbike rotors, Martek magnesium wheels, Motec ignition system and a Yoshimura kit wiring harness. Also, free shipping in the US to the winning bidder!

Are the lights in a box? Can we put them back on? Could make a nice streetfighter… Well, don’t get your hopes too up: $20k is only the opening bid. But so far there aren’t any bids at all with four days to go. Probably a few lurkers…

Here’s the ad on ebay. Will you take a third-party out-of-state check?

  • Old MOron

    Wow, how does such a bike make it onto ebay?

    • Branson

      Not that unusual. Where else can you get such widespread auction exposure for a year old bike?

      If it was the heavily updated ’17 championship winning bike, I’d say $20k is a steal.

      But it’s not, which explains no bidders (yet).

      • Branson

        One bidder so far. Plenty of time left. Interesting to see where this ends.

    • Vivienne

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  • Matt O

    Probably a pain to get it back on the road, but if I was a richer man and looking for a track only ride that’s a deal

  • Gary

    Why not buy it? Because top-flight race bikes make absolutely MISERABLE street machines.

  • symun buuntw


  • Patriot159

    I was an expert class club racer for eight years and doubt I could tap even 50% of what this thing can do. You’d be the talk of the paddock at a track day for sure!