The ever-curious staff over at Google-Street-View.com discovered this graphic example of the perils of riding like an untrained adventurer in the urban jungle. Unfortunately for him, our hapless crash-test-dummy performs this graphic demonstration while riding almost completely unprotected. What can we learn?

  • mudgun

    Some form of Brazilian “lane splitting”?

  • How do you say Calamari in Portuguese?

  • DickRuble

    I saw better a couple of weeks ago on a weekend day, near a mall in my area. A Harley rider in short sleeves, wearing a skull cap helmet and thick beard, passes all traffic, which was moving too slowly for his taste, on the right and 25 yards ahead rear ends a small car waiting at the red light. It was comical to see the two old ladies, well into their 70s, trying to pick up the 6’4 bearded dude off the road. Even more comical were his rushed attempts to lift the bike and get on it, while the two old ladies were swarming around him asking if he was alright. He didn’t seem to want to wait for the cops..

  • myassbleedsforyou