As motorcyclists, we’re all too familiar with car drivers merging into our lanes, seemingly blind to the fact we’re occupying the lane they are trying to merge into. But what’s proper etiquette when a two-lane road turns into one? Which order should vehicles in a double-file line let each other into a single-file line? Whatever your answer, it’s probably not what this woman was thinking as she comes from behind this motorcyclist and co-occupies the lane he’s in. He then gets upset, honks the horn a few times, gives the driver a quick lesson in merging, calls her a choice expletive then rides on.

Normally that’s where a story like this would end. Instead, he spots a police officer up ahead, flags him down, and sticks him on the car driver.

  • le Queef

    Never, ever, ever engage with an idiot in a cage. Monkeys at the zoo will fling poo on you. An enraged caged idiot is capable of anything.

  • Starmag

    A 90lb driver with a car can easily kill you in a second. I say it’s not worth it to try to teach a lesson that won’t be absorbed anyway. Let it go and live to ride another day. Deal with the fact that you’re invisible.

    • Kamohelo Mohudi

      Starmag, there are times when you leave a person and yeah sure you get to ride another day but there are instances where one thing happens a few kms before then another cager does something else to you a few kms after on the same road, now i ride on one road to work for atleast 25 kms and you get to a point where you don’t even know what is going on in those cars because everyone is trying their hardest to ride onto your path, what should one do then? if a cop was around i will definitely flag him…

      • Alclab

        Just as Jay F said, “At the end of the day they only think you’re the asshole”, and they won’t learn any lesson, just get more pissed. The mentality is very different.

        I commute to work daily and at first I got very angry at this sort of stuff happening, but I’ve learned that they always believe they were right, even in situations like jumping a red light, they just think I’m wrong since I’m on a motorcycle /although this applies to cars as well).

        At the end of the day, I’ve made it a mission to keep a cool head and just ride away to get to live another day. Using the “no one sees you and they’re all trying to get you” mentality, that has helped me avoid lot’s of close calls

        • Kamohelo Mohudi

          All you guys are 100% correct, you have a machine that responds to the twist of your throttle and depending on your cc’s you can escape a bad situation quicker than others, all i was saying is if such a moment happened and the cops were around and i had proof, i would “put it on blast” as some people say, lol anyway i am glad i took the decision to ride bikes instead of drive i see how drivers have no consideration even for each other hence so many fender benders on a daily basis. you see a biker you give him a nod or two fingers and we cool i don’t know the guy but the feeling we have is mutual we give each other respect

    • Jay F

      Starmag, I hate this answer but logically it’s the only right answer.
      You can stop them, “teach them a lesson”, yell, cuss and even fight. At the end of the day they only think you’re the asshole and ultimately they absorb nothing.
      Learning to just let it g and not let inconsiderate drivers fuck with your chi or zen, will ultimately make you a much more sane and happier person.

      I know a guy that gets irate when someone is clearly lost and indecisive about exiting. Lays on horn, gets upset and then is all wound the rest of the ride. Some people just have no peace in life.

      • Starmag

        “At the end of the day they only think you’re the asshole’

        “Lays on horn, gets upset and then is all wound the rest of the ride.”

        Nailed it. Collect your prize from the trophy girls.

  • gunny 2shoes

    grow up or die, there are a several of these self righteous shit givers on youtube.

  • FreelancerMG

    The law in many places state that the ending lane has to yield to prevailing traffic in the lane they need to merge into. So the motorcyclist in this case technically would have the right of way as he’s already established traffic in that lane. The lady saw him there as she came up quickly from behind and purposely forced her way in because she couldn’t want one vehicle further back. You can literally see her punch it as hard as her little econo-box would allow her.

    The growing problem we’re seeing more and more is that drivers are on a whole becoming more selfish, oblivious and dangerous to themselves and others on the road. Especially motorcyclists. Many cries of “I didn’t see them!” usually come from the fact that they didn’t even turn their head to look. Too many people now, especially in SoCal, just pull out without looking and expect established traffic to stand on their brakes and stop for them because they’re important.

    People like this idiot need some sort of lesson or wake-up to what they’re doing. If I happen to have a cop nearby with video evidence, I have no qualms about sicking the cop on the stupid driver and maybe the idiot will learn. If not, at least they’ll feel the sting of the monetary penalty that comes with doing stupid shit with a deadly weapon and nearly getting someone killed. We should be treating these near hits and kills the same as any other mishandled deadly weapon. Nearly hitting and killing someone with your car should rank right up there with flagging people with a loaded firearm.

    I don’t understand the logic that says that nearly hitting and killing someone is a minor issue or a mistake and let them just go but those same people would absolutely freak out if some idiot had a loaded gun cocked,loaded and ready to go and started swinging it around at them, has it goes off slightly missing them. They’d be pretty scared and pissed and may even get a trip to jail with some charges thrown in with it. They’d probably very quickly lose their firearm owning rights. Yet we can have people nonchalantly kill people with a vehicle from not even looking or paying attention and they just get a failure to yield citation and a slap on the wrist.

    • Agree. To me, it all boils down to intelligence… they have none — they can’t do simple arithmetic. Being one car ahead isn’t gonna get you home ANY sooner. I see people blast by me on local streets doing a whole 10mph more than I’m doing, and we all meet up again a couple of lights later. Other than wasting gas, they’re not really accomplishing anything.

  • Ser Samsquamsh

    Be an ambassador. Being a self righteous ass in the wrong side of mass equation doesn’t teach anyone about manners.

    • GPAltaBob

      But if the ticket is high enough she might learn to drive and it certainly could save the life of the next poor sap she tries to run over!

    • Tinwoods

      Sounds like you’ve never been hit by a car while riding your motorcycle. I have. Including two weeks ago, and four times in the last ten years. Three drivers sent me to the hospital. All were illegally talking on their phones. After 34 years of daily riding, most of that in LA, I’m done being an “ambassador.” Manners? Fuck that. They’re trying to kill us.

      • Ser Samsquamsh

        I agree they are trying to kill us. I was rammed by a guy because I flipped him off. Deliberately making a driver angry is really stupid. Confronting someone at a stop light is good way to be shot.

  • Kamohelo Mohudi

    I would get the cops involved, too many times we shrug off these incidents to a point where cars deliberately change lanes without indicating, overtake other cars while we riding in the lane forcing you to ride on the shoulder, at times they just get into your lane from a turn just because, i commute daily and the things i see when riding can really tick one off and force you to do something stupid (road rage) so getting cops involved is better than going to jail for assault

    • Starmag

      The equivalent of “I’m telling daddy!” In my experience “daddy” (LEOs), are never there when you need them. Even if you get super lucky like this guy and a cop is right there, are you really ready to waste the time it takes to file reports, go to court, etc. for knuckle heads like this woman? Not me. As for the 99.99 percent of the time when cops are not there? A slow self-righteous burn for hours, thereby ruining your day? Better IMO to adjust your own attitude. Shocker: you make mistakes arrogances other people don’t like also.

      • Not enforcing the law on these assholes just causes them to multiply. You can pretend they don’t care and it doesn’t affect them, but I guarantee a $200 fine affects them quite a bit and they’ll be thinking about it the next time they try to zoom past someone to merge ahead of them.

  • Two options. Both involve acting as sheep dog to the car traffic’s sheep.
    1) Get in front of the car and force her to wait and pull in behind.
    2) Just slow slightly and let her in.

    Then just carry on as if nothing happened. Next?

    • George Erhard

      I always expect to get crowded at merges. If someone signals, I back of and let them in. But I also use hand signals to tell other drivers, this is my space and it’s my turn.

      I did have someone intentionally bump the bike when I was doing a lane change. They weren’t there on the head check, and then I’m wobbling back into the lane I was in, with a paint scuff on a sidecase. I look back and the driver is gunning her engine as if she wanted another shot at me. I decided to just get distance in that case, didn’t have video. If I had, I would have called it in as a hit and run.

    • Allison Sullivan

      Exactly. if this was a ticket-worthy offence I’d be crying to the cops every day where I live. I might curse under my breath when someone pushes in on a merge, but it’s hardly worth causing a scene over.

      Why does it always seem that people with their GoPros on are just looking to start trouble? I see so much motorcycle vid of riders pointing the finger at other people, when everyone knows they’re far from saints themselves … like they’re some sort of traffic Justice League or something. Sh!t happens, deal.

    • I find that when I actually give people room, they’re a lot less likely to try to overtake from the merging lane. It’s crazy how people think — if they perceive you as being courteous, they don’t want to be the asshole, but if they perceive you as being the asshole, they want to “teach you” who really is.

  • Craig Hoffman

    No good “lessons” can be “taught” in an adversarial situation. So instead, I propose the following:

    Always ride with a helmet cam on, take the video clip of the offense showing their face and license plate, edit it to suitable music and mock their sorry ass on YouTube for the entire world to see. Perhaps such a video will even make it on MO. 😉

    • Warprints

      In the video, I did not see anything that would have ticked me off too bad. But perspective of the wide angle camera may have made it look like the driver was further from him that reality. If she really crowed him out, that would tick me off.

    • ZigmundLeChat

      you couldn’t be more wrong!

    • FreelancerMG

      Really? This lady wielded her deadly weapon to intimidate and force her own point. Yet this guy is the one in the wrong? This is equivalent to someone lowering their gun at you. Most people are pretty pissed, and rightfully so, when someone uses a deadly weapon to force their will on others. More people really need to see vehicles as deadly weapons when misused and take automobiles much more seriously. This wasn’t much different than some asshat leveling their shotgun at a line of people to intimidate their way to the front of the line.

      Apparently a whole lot of people are pretty cool with someone else attempting to murder them through gross negligence. Screw ups that cost people their lives are never acceptable. If I had messed up in the military doing maintenance on a jet and it crashed I’d be in prison even though it was just a simple mistake. When a mistake can cost someone else their life, maybe we should drop the hammer a little bit more on them to preclude further mistakes? If they can’t handle the repercussions required to be the best driver they can be at all times, maybe they shouldn’t drive anymore?

      People who drive like this to bully others into getting what they want on the road are going to do this to the wrong person one day and find themselves on the wrong side of a funeral.

      • Craig Hoffman

        Or, perhaps, the car driver loses it and purposely runs the motorcycle over and it is the rider’s funeral. We are on motorcycles and we are fragile and exposed. By comparison, the adversary is in a 4 wheeled tank capable of flattening us. Some people, who probably have no control in miserable lives, feel a bit of power when behind the wheel of their cars. I for one do not believe it is wise to step on the road raging dance floor with them. Through defensive and aware riding, usually they do not have a chance to get near me at all.

        Don’t get me wrong, I am no moto angel. Have had so many “lane change incidents” on the freeway that they became routine. Years ago, while riding my TL1000 on the 405 freeway in LA, a guy in a black V12 Mercedes went way beyond a simple bad lane change and purposely with obvious intent ran me off the road. It was 10x worse than what the video shows. Lane split and caught up to him later and thoroughly kicked his passenger door in, then lane split to safety in heavy LA traffic. No whining, no cops involved, just took care of business. I can sort of get behind my actions in that case, given the egregiousness of that driver’s move and my easy escape afterwards, even if it was not terribly smart of me.

        No doubt no “lesson” was learned by that driver, I am sure he was quite pissed I dented up his $150,000 car. I mention that story as I do understand the frustration of being bullied by idiots in cars. We all do what we feel is right, but really engaging in road rage rarely leads to anything good.

        Ride safe, and I hope for all of our sakes that we do not find ourselves in this situation. Far better to see them coming and strategically avoid the idiots as much as we can, instead of falling into their clutches and engaging them.

        • FreelancerMG

          Really? I never once said to do the deed yourself but do support this guy’s decision to grab a cop and let him deal with it.. I just said that we should be a bit more serious about our own personal well being and that people wielding deadly weapons and using them against you in some form should get more of a reaction than just “meh.” This is why drivers are getting worse and worse in their actions and attitudes towards motorcyclists. They know we’ll just take it and allow ourselves to be walked all over. If you have the chance to get a cop involved to take care of the dirty work and get a good lesson involved for said ass hole, then you should do it.

          Most motorists would never take it well if semi-trucks did to them that they regularly, purposely, do to motorcyclists. Avoidance isn’t always going to be available. You can’t avoid every car on the road period without quitting riding altogether. You have to own your lane and the spot in it. You have all rights to that spot the same as everyone else. We get treated like second-class road citizens because we allow ourselves to be treated as such. People only behave like female driver depicted in this video because there are no repercussions to their poor behavior. If you’re lucky enough to find a cop close at hand when something like this goes down and you have the camera rolling, don’t be afraid to use the cop to the benefit of society.

          • George Erhard


            Most people expect truck drivers to make space, they’re professionals, they’re supposed to look out for the rest of us. They probably have war stories of all the times someone’s cut in too close, flipped them off, etc etc. If truck drivers drove like most motorists, you’d see a lot less CARS on the road, full stop.

            So yeah. Props to the rider for actually getting this self-entitled driver a roadside chat.

  • Tom Dinchuk

    Having a temper on a motorcycle is a no win situation ( even if you believe you’re right).
    I won’t ride with someone who loses their cool because they could make my ride more dangerous than it has to be.

    • David

      If I was the rider and we were out in the country when this occurred with no other options, then I would have done my best to just ride on. But with the police available and video evidence, I can think of no reason not to get them involved.

  • John B.

    In America, we celebrate the individual. If you’re a dickbag millennial realize your full dickbagedness. Curse at her, get the police involved, and then snap a selfie when the police pull her over Yo! Teach her a lesson, even if you don’t understand what lesson you’re teaching.

    I would just get out of her way. In late middle age, I have become more selective about what hill I’m willing to die on. Not this one!

    PS – Another variable for your calculus: About two-thirds of motor vehicles in Texas lawfully contain a firearm (but who carries only one?). YouTube has several Texas videos where people point guns at motorcyclists during road rage incidents. A person pointing a gun at a motorcyclist while driving a pickup truck has a decided advantage in any confrontation Yo!

  • Warprints

    I have been in a similar situation – guy almost ran into me when he turned onto my road at a T intersection (he had a stop sign). Some choice words, he took off, I followed him. He bailed at a house. I called the cops. They came and talked to him. No ticket, as I did not have it on camera.

  • John Parker

    From the video, my biggest issue is that she obviously did it on purpose and she has a smile on her face because she knows she’s being a bitch and is enjoying it. it’s hard to say what i would have done but I think that smile on her face would have sent me over the edge….i know for sure i wouldn’t have involved the cops though…

    • ZigmundLeChat

      I thought I saw a smile on her face also. Hopefully a ticket will wipe the smile off her face, especially if her insurance rates go up.

  • Jay F

    Where is the video?

  • George Erhard

    Normally I’d ride on. But some drivers need to learn the “hard” way. So, asshat on video and a cop nearby? Yes, I would flag one down. It’s a much better method than road rage.

  • ZigmundLeChat

    This guy did the right thing. He was lucky to have a cop and a helmet cam to prove his point. Hope the woman gets a BIG Fine.

    In the early 80’s when I lived in Hollywood, Ca. a guy used to come into the bike shop that I worked at. He would collect all the used spark plugs in the trash. When someone did something like this he would reach into a pouch he had around his neck and lob a few spark plugs at the windshield of the car and then speed away.

  • David Wilson

    Look, the rider sped up as he noticed her passing him. He is no saint in this issue. He appeared to be lagging quite a bit as the truck was pulling away from him, she came up on the right and you can see him speed up to pace her. While he likes to make it out that she is a bad person he deliberately sped up to cut her merge off. This rider will die one day because he will pull this crap on a crazy driver and they will just drive over him. That is the problem, if you are thin skinned and piss off a cager the cager will win every time, they can kill you and you can do nothing about it if you set them off. I guess the video might help them track down the killer but you will still be dead………

    • GPAltaBob

      You didn’t notice the lane markings indicating HER lane was ending and that legally she must yield to the traffic in the left lane?

      • David Wilson

        Why yes I did. I also noticed that if he had maintained his speed she would have merged in front of him in plenty of time. He decided he did not want her in front of him and sped up. Call it what you will but speeding up to block merging traffic is not an innocent move. He was on an ego trip and did not want her passing him on the right. I would say he was a lucky boy, if she had been as bad as he made her out to be she could have just continued over and knocked him off the bike and he would not have even had a license number. It is never smart to challenge a cager or to try and make them change their plans by speeding up or slowing down to block them. He found a police officer that did not view the video very well and gave her a ticket. But he could have ended up with road rash and a smashed bike just as easily.

        • webbmeister25d


          I’m with you. It’s one thing to ride like you’re invisible with an eye toward saving your skin in a bad situation. It’s another thing to become angry and gesture at a jerk who zooms up from behind you and inserts himself between you and the vehicle ahead. When you do something that so needlessly puts your life at risk (as this rider did by speeding up to keep the woman from merging) you are a fool and rude to boot. Shame on that rider. I hope he lives long enough to realize how dangerous and not-worth-it it is to be so self-centered.

        • FreelancerMG

          Except the rider didn’t speed up at all. He maintained and the car slowed down relative to the bike due to the truck hitting its brakes. The rider gave himself plenty of room for the truck to merge cleanly with some cushion to work with the truck and the car tried to jam itself into the situation. Again, the bike doesn’t accelerate but the truck, and the car therefore, slows down.

          The rider knew the merge was coming and was giving the truck some more room just in case. Without the car getting in the mix, this would have been a picture perfect merge. Again, I have no idea why it’s become a “thing” to blame the victim for everything now.

  • john burns

    Is this Snowcat?? gone back to his homeland? I would just pull in behind her, wait a sec or two for her to look smirkily in mirrors, turn on my brights and follow as close as possible for awhile.

    • Jay F

      Lol Snowcat is so whiney.

  • Vrooom

    As a daily commuter by bike if I tried to teach everyone a lesson who didn’t see me, cut me off, merged lanes without consideration to where I was, I’d never get to work. Shrug it off, realize you’re invisible to some people even in high vis gear, and move on.

    • Strat

      Yeah, I can agree with that. It could become a full time job. I get people blowing through stop signs right in front of me on an almost daily basis. School bus drivers are as bad as minivan drivers. They see me, but they do it anyway. If their window is open I give them a new nickname. If they want to stop and talk about it I’m fine with that. I had a woman do that with her kids in the car. I got next to her at a light and I asked her if she’d be ok with me driving like that when her kids are riding their bicycles on the street. She didn’t know what to say. I let it go at that. For all these people saying she could’ve decided to hit the biker, I highly doubt she does that. It rarely happens.

  • Christopher Rufus

    The bloke is a douche, he can clearly see the car so should of dropped in behind it.

    • GPAltaBob

      Yah, never mind the law and who legally has the right of way! That wouldn’t make much sense would it?

      • Christopher Rufus

        Better than getting knocked off you’re bike. What if that car driver was a loon with a gun? Or decided to run him off the road? Two second roll off hurts no one.

        • Strat

          What if the rider was a loon with a gun? So she got a ticket, good, maybe better than the guy blowing a tunnel through her empty skull…or maybe not.

  • Jim Greer

    At 64 I have learned to ride like there is a bounty on my head, many times I wish a Cop was near, if one is ever near I am gonna involve them. I always just give in to the entitled auto-asshole, Life is too short to go mental every time your slighted by an automobile. It is hard enough to stay zen with all the other shit going on 24/7 as this Country circles the drain.

  • EofA

    What a pussy. “Whaaaa… Mr. Officer she (sniff, sniff) almost cut me off… Whaaaaa.”

    • MrPanda

      its call dealing with it like an adult. Another choice is to become violent and do something stupid. Or let it go but then you won’t get the satisfaction of revenge.

      Letting the officer take care it has not to do with being a “pussy”. Its so he doesn’t go to jail if he took matters into his own hands. Too many times i’ve handle the problem myself and i got booked to county – f’that, i’m just going to use the cops to take care of it for me.

      • EofA

        Ok maybe not a pussy. Maybe just a sissy cry-baby. He could have yelled at her, flipped her off, she might have apologized, maybe not, but flagging down a cop for that? C’mon? They weren’t going fast, he could have either sped up or slowed down, the driver of the car was a twat, but that wasn’t enough to warrant stopping traffic and flagging down the po po. Plus why do you need revenge from that?

        • MrPanda

          Flipping someone off won’t do anything. You might as well just drive off in silence. This way she feels it and will remember not to be a bitch the next time or she might just continue to hate and attempt to run another biker off the road. Either way the mentality about being a “snitch” “crybaby” is something children in school thinks. In the real world we use the law to our advantage and inflict some damage when we see the need to exact some lawful revenge

          • EofA

            Ok you win Mr. L.A. Law. Pick apart my words, you’re much smarter than I. You win. Great job!

          • GPAltaBob

            You are right! He is much smarter than you are! Can’t you understand that the dumb broad in the car could easily kill the next guy she does that to? Obviously you don’t ride! Or if you do, you don’t ride well!!

          • Strat

            You’re right, he is. Doing nothing assures nothing changes. I’d hate to think you have kids. They would be a bunch of mindless, do anything I want, spoiled brats deserving to have their a** kicked.

      • GPAltaBob

        You don’t have to get angry of violent to teach someone road manners and safety. This rider did the right thing!

    • GPAltaBob

      Whaaaaa, she tried to kill me! That better!

  • MrPanda

    If you seek some “vengeance” this is the right way to do it. If you don’t care then move on. It kinda feels good that she got was coming to her since she obviously didn’t give a shit

  • Scott Silvers

    This is one of the reason’s I have a Stebel air-horn (on it’s own 15A relay)…Unlike the encroached upon moto-lad’s pitiful roadrunner meep meep horn, a prolonged blast from the mighty Stebel, all 129db of sonic fury, would put off even the most stone deaf motorhead fan from attempting a similar move……horn-up buddy, horn up!

  • GPAltaBob

    She endangered the rider’s life so definitely needs to learn how to drive. According to the lane markings on the road HER lane was the one ending so legally she must yield to the left lane traffic, which she did not! I’ve been riding for over 50 years and I have no idea how many times this exact thing has happened to me! If the ticket costs her enough she just might learn how to merge!! The rider did the right thing! He probably just saved the life of the next guy she tries to run over!

  • CJ Spencer

    Regardless of whether or not I have the “right of way’ I always defer to the “law of gross tonnage”. Let ’em go and pass them later when it’s legal and appropriate.

  • mugwump

    Too easy to avoid. I quit getting angry a long time ago.

    • David

      What did he lose other than his temper briefly?

      • mugwump

        I’m concerned about the behavior of the automobile operator. Sometimes they retaliate to strongly voiced opinions. It’s their potential rage. I guess I didn’t make that clear. The rider while perhaps in the “right” here needs to be more aware, head on a swivel.

  • Joel Coster

    that rider was looking for trouble.
    – Even though the road was narrowing, he kept looking straight ahead instead of looking to the right at the car that he knew there “I know you are there, I’m gonna fuck with you”
    – He intentionally hung back to prevent the car from merging “I’m so safe, I need to keep a 50 yard following distance in slow heavy traffic”
    – when the car accelerated and established an overlap, only then did he look at the car, “oh where did you come from?”
    – then the rider sped up a little so the car could not cleanly merge “you can’t pass me”

    the rider was an asshole because he knew he could be. I know. I’ve been there 🙂

    • Alclab

      Exactly my thoughts. It’s better to assume you’re invisible and that people are going to do stupid things. Has allowed me to to avoid a lot of close calls. Getting worked up is not going to make them change their mind.

      Some drivers have even insulted or got really mad at me when THEY run a red light! Getting into fight with them is a no-win game.

  • Joel Coster

    GoPro Nazi, Gotta justify a $400 unnecessary camera so he creates an easily avoided incident

    Shame on for posting this crap
    Double-Shame on me for getting worked up about it 🙂

  • Buck Holeshot

    looks like a confusing merge area – but i would have just let her go in front of me. people are nuts, she could have rammed you in a second. the cop probably gave her a warning anyway….so whats the point.

  • LeLimoMan

    While the driver is wrong, the cyclist is a bit of a dick in his reaction to her. He is going up against a 3500lb car with his bike and if the driver chooses, he’d be roadkill. Chose your battles and get a better horn. My Stebel WoLo air horns would have not been ignored. He did nothing to improve the stereotype of motorcyclist as rebel/jerks

    • FreelancerMG

      So because she’s bigger than him it automatically means she’s right and he’s the ass for grabbing an “equalizer?” He didn’t drag the dumb broad out of her car and stomp her head in. He recorded it on camera, got the plate, had an immature moment with expletives, and grabbed a cop to take care of some business. Even though vehicles are getting safer, there’s being a growing uptick in collisions because ass hats like this lady drive like they’re the only ones who exist and matter. For too long, people have been doing nothing and wastes of breath like this woman here are getting worse and more prevalent. Starting to become an epidemic and giving the mandatory autonomous vehicle camp more material to go to war with.

      • LeLimoMan

        FreelancerMG: The first words in my response were “The driver was wrong”. That fact is clearly obvious from the video. Size does not make you right, but when it’s car versus bike, the bike loses every time. The situation in the video was avoidable if A) the merge/roadway was marked better (was there a road sign)?, B) the motorcyclist was taking in a 360 degree view of his surroundings (as taught in the MSF course), C) the motorist was more aware of her surroundings too (did she even see the bike or was she distracted by her cellphone, food or radio?…way to common today). The situation was made instantly worse by the rider’s explitive-laden reaction. Things could have gotten even worse had the driver been some gun-totting vigilante type that all of a sudden felt threatened and invoked his “stand your ground” rights. I guess I see it as matter of “Is it really worth it to be right”? If it were me, I probably would have given way, but she would have known I was there after my application of my 139dB air horns.

        I will give the rider props for taking the time to flag down the cop and go after her. I’m sure the lady will think twice about how to act around motorcycles and maybe be a little more aware of her driving habits in general. I wish the video included the interaction and follow up. I’d be interested to see how the officer handled it and if she was actually sighted.

        • FreelancerMG

          Except you immediately called the rider out in the wrong for his reaction at someone else attempting to kill him. Many road riding courses and training courses and even some of the famous books say that as a rider, you gotta own your lane. You need to own your spot and at least make an attempt at not merely getting pushed around and off of it.

          The rider is actually aware of her nearly the whole time. He actually starts honking at her while she’s still relatively behind him because he can see her quickly approaching and not slowing down and as she passes him, he just lays onto the horn from there. Her window is open so she can hear that horn and everything else. Having a 139dB horn in this case wouldn’t have mattered as this lady isn’t deaf (she’s listening to music,) and doesn’t have her windows up. She purposely ignored the rider and decided to let her size to the talking.

          And we can’t condemn the rider’s actions as that is what most any normal human being would do when someone purposely tries to kill them. We could what if the situation and say “what if the driver is a road rager themselves and decides to shoot/run him over?” But we could also say “what if this rider a much more dangerous person them self and this was a road rage/execution video instead?”

          We at least agree though that he does the smart thing and gets a cop involved rather than waiting at the next intersection to pull the selfish twit out and give her a beating.

          • LeLimoMan

            FreelancerMG: Let’s agree that the “lady” is an oblivious idiot that is definitely in the wrong. If she got a $200 ticket as I’ve heard elsewhere, then that’s what she deserves. Whether she was distracted or just aggressive, I doubt she her intent was to KILL the biker as you continually assert in you various posts. Yes, in the car versus motorcycle battle, the motorcyclist loses 100% of the time. It’s more the reason to err on the side of caution and just let it go. As a professional driver for over 40 years, I’ve learned to be aware and drive defensively. As a motorcyclist, I’m even more so. As a result, in almost 3.0M miles behind the wheel, I have never had an at-fault accident.

            I’m sorry that you think I’m calling out the rider without justification. I give him extra pionts for getting the people police involved, but he loses points for the testosterone laden reaction. He immediately goes vulgar and that just reinforces the public’s dim view of motorcyclists in general (regardless how wrong they are).

            As an aside, I’m interested in the MG part of your handle. Are you also a British car owner perhaps or is the MG referring to something else??

          • FreelancerMG

            The problem is that negligence with a deadly weapon can still have the unintended effect of killing someone. Although it’s fairly obvious that she did this on purpose, it is still with intent to kill or maim the other person if they dont comply to your coercion. What else would really be the result of hitting a person with a 4000lbs of metal moving at speed? This is nothing different than if she were walking around with a shotgun and aimed it at you and took a pot shot in your general direction. All because the rider had the sense to move over a bit at the last second doesn’t mean we should ignore the fact that she applied her machine at another person.

            You should think what would be the response if she had done this to a cop or this were overseas and had done this to a military vehicle. She would be lucky to get a ticket out of it if not dragged out of her car and arrested.

            And no the MG represents something else I’m afraid. Don’t dislike British vehicles mind you though.

      • John A. Stockman

        Your last sentence could be the best one in this discussion. Autonomous vehicles and that person that started Vision Zero, no consideration or tolerance for motorcycles. Look at what the founder of Vision Zero says about motorcycles. They want ad campaigns & governments to discourage motorcycle use. Someone gets killed that you care about and love, so you start a movement to completely eliminate vehicle deaths. How? Eliminate the human factor all together and get rid of those murder-machines called motorcycles. Motorcycles do not “fit” into the autonomous-driving matrix, so the eventuality of those zealots mission is obvious. How many are killed/injured in boating accidents, working around the home, riding bicycles or horses, skiing? Should we ban working on your home or using the bathroom/kitchen? Life is never “safe”. I went through way too much to be able to ride a motorcycle again after Ankylosing Spondylitis destroyed all my joint cartilage to just lay down because people die doing something. I was literally trapped in my own body, but after years of numerous lengthy surgeries and tortuous physical therapy for atrophied muscles, I got my physical freedom back by riding motorcycles. I detest these clowns that want to make everything “safe”. It’s not possible, death is as much a part of life as birth and everything in between. The only thing you can control is yourself and your thoughts; I do it by practicing my riding skill-set often, wearing my kit and learning through training courses and a track day. It helps me manage my risk, but it does not eliminate it. Motorcycling saved my life and changed it in a very positive way. Something those Vision Zero folks would never understand. I’ll paraphrase a quote from Marco Simoncelli that applies to my life: “I’ve lived more of what ‘life’ is in 5 minutes on my motorcycle than most will in their entire lives.”

        • madbuyer

          With the cost of automobiles and insurance rising, the cheaper two wheel options are all that is left. Even in less developed countries, two wheels are the way to go. (Hell they balance their whole family and furniture on them sometimes.) They can try but to no avail, motorcycles will always be around.

        • George Erhard

          That’s it exactly. Besides, I’d rather ride around predictable and consistent AI-driven semis than a herd of Priuses (Priuii?) all driven by self-entitled prats. I trust the semi to not intentionally run me off the road.

          Besides, it’s MY life. It doesn’t need ‘saving’, because I intend to live it, not exist in some safety-certified bubble with nothing to show for it.

  • tjf68

    It’s the old car vs bike and in todays day and age just what is the driver of the car going to do after your rant? Sure, it’s always satisfying to see someone get their just desserts but at the end of the day just let it go, Id rather live another day to ride than have “He was in the right” on my gravestone

  • ctoldie

    I have been riding for 50 years. My opinion on this:
    Let her merge in front of you EVEN if she is at fault,
    and you also may live to ride 50 years.

    • sgray44444

      wisdom speaks… the wise will listen.

    • RJ

      Well most roads have signage where they narrow to one lane. At any rate, upon seeing the road narrow, speed up and get ahead of that car

    • TheIronRod


  • Gary

    If I ran to the nearest cop every time something like that happened to me, I’d spend all my time running to the cops. No thanks. I’d rather ride.

  • Steve_YYZ

    Ok, here’s the reality. I can’t bench-press 3,000 lbs of car off of me if I’m run over. The rider had plenty of time to give-way and BE SAFE. Instead the rider chose to push the situation and put himself in danger if the woman had run him over.
    As to the legalities, in my jurisdiction, the person in the thru lane technically has the right-of-way, but generally common sense is you alternate vehicles from each lane one by one. As the truck was past the lady, the lady should have been next, then the bike.
    Riders need to always remember that while you may be right… you can also end up dead right….. then ask yourself if the .05seconds you save by not letting the woman’s car in front of you is worth your life.
    One other observation is that until the rider used his horn, he appeared to be beside, but just slightly behind the driver’s door. This put him squarely in the driver’s blind spot. That’s not a safe place to ride.
    I score this one a draw. The lady clearly made a mistake, likely because she didn’t see the rider. Ok, but the rider pushed a bad situation just because he’s legally right. That is also a dumb move. As to calling the cop…. just an obstinate SOB rider trying to PROVE he’s right. So WHAT???

  • madbuyer

    I have been in similar situations on a bike and in a car. On the bike, well lets just say there is a nice boot mark in the side of a Cadillac to get the driver’s attention on me instead of his phone. In the car, the idiot just flat out hit me.

    I try to avoid involving the cops unless there has been serious damage to property or life. They have enough shit to do without me interrupting their day.

  • Rob Martin

    I don’t see this as car vs. motorcycle in any way. I have 2 merges like this that I drive and ride through several times a week, and people will try to get away with whatever they can get away with. Sometimes the drivers behave an merge nicely, and sometimes a driver who is far behind me will accelerate hard in the last few seconds to get ahead of me, even though they’re in the lane that ends, and there’s no room for them. I make room for them. I get annoyed, and curse about who gets to reproduce, but I end up letting them in.

    There’s no “teaching them a lesson,” so I just let it go and live another day. The merge in this video is no worse than the ones I have — even better, actually, as it appears to be flat, straight, and with wide sight lines — and other than the general fact that a car can kill a motorcyclist, there was no indication here that the motorcyclist was in danger.

    Was the motorcyclist right — i.e., the car driver “stole” his merge spot? Yes. Does the same thing happen to riders AND drivers every day in every town? Yes.

  • Dan Favata

    I used to get upset about stuff like this, now I just keep cool and hope they run into a lightpole or go off the road, then I drive by smiling, See, no problem, no fuss no muss

  • John Hall

    Tough situation. It seemed like she keeps on trying to occupy his lane even after they stopped. The driver was clearly not driving legally. May be the rider got hot headed and let his emotions take over. She was in the wrong. She could have easily let the motorcycle go by and merge in behind him. I don’t see much the rider could have done to avoid it. You may say break and let he by. But you don’t know if someone is ridding his hind end behind him. I though he should have smoked the truck but the truck seemed to speed up in an effort to get on to the left lane. Tough situation. No perfect answer.

  • Fred Oliff

    same as him, video tape and get the police involved. too many people do that, even car to car.

  • Real fact checker

    Rider provoked this situation 100%. If you cant see this was an avoidable situation you can not look at it objectively. The gap between him and the truck was getting bigger and bigger then when he saw her he speed up.

  • Keven Entzel

    I see a lot of differing opinions here, with truths in all. The real consideration is that when an inattentive cager causes a fender bender with another car, it’s just that, usually no one gets hurt. When an inattentive or aggressive cager hits a bike the rider is getting hurt, even if only minor. So those saying just ignore them and keep yourself safe have a point in that they could easily kill you. However, the biggest problem actually seems to be lack of attention. I would gladly turn off or even just pull over to allow an aggressive driver to get ahead of me and then stay well back from them, but if it’s an obvious case of inattentiveness or distracted driving I’m going to get their attention by honking, flashing light or driving up next to them to let them know they screwed up. In all cases if I spotted a patrol car I would engage them as that’s what they are paid for. The police can then tackle the teaching moment. If we don’t take a somewhat active roll in teaching cagers to pay attention to us there will just be more of us getting hurt or killed because they “didn’t see” us.

    I wish law enforcement would institute a program of allowing people to bring their video footage of dangerous driving in and have the driver ticketed.

  • ismail arslangiray

    Think like a truck driver and drive defensive. She is wrong but let her be.