Ah, the internet. The wondrous realm where household pets become celebrities, the color of a dress inspires intense debate and people do stupid stuff just because they can. Stuff like destroying a motorcycle engine using a hydraulic press. Why? Why not?

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The nuts behind the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube had the engine running, and sound of the Single provided some audio tension before the rather satisfying crunch of the cylinder shattering. Crushing the transmission gave a more dramatic visual as parts exploded under the pressure.

Not satisfied with the engine, they then crushed a helmet with a googly-eyed watermelon playing the role of a head. The result would make Gallagher proud. The crushed piston at the end was a bit anticlimactic as a result, though we do get to see it in super slow motion.

  • JoMeyer

    That watermelon helmet crush is one of the more disturbing things I have seen lately…

  • Starmag

    Holy crap that was moronic. But so are the Kar ass ians and they get views too.

    This is actually awesome.


  • That video made my life better.

  • Gruf Rude

    I remember two guys messing with a hydraulic press when I was apprenticing at a railroad shop in my youth. They were crushing balls of tin foil during lunch break. One idiot closed the ram on the other idiot’s hand, then panicked and couldn’t figure out how to release it. I jumped over and released the ram and the guy fell back. For a moment nothing, then blood erupted from the crushed hand. I’ll never get the picture out of my mind . . .